Ski offers Sierra Nevada

Good weather, sun, quality snow, tapas. They are the ingredients of the Sierra Nevada cocktail. Can you think of a better plan for your next trip to the snow? It is next to Granada, only 30 kilometers away, and reaches a maximum height of 3,300 meters. The south has never been so close with these offers to ski in the Sierra Nevada.

Information for skiing in Sierra Nevada

Skiing in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is the only ski resort in the southern part of the peninsula and the northernmost in Europe. It is also the second-highest European massif behind the Alps, hosting some of the major peaks of the Iberian Peninsula, such as Mulhacén and Veleta. Located in Andalusia, approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Granada, there are numerous reasons to go skiing in Sierra Nevada.

  • Firstly,its location is perfect for exploring Granada or visiting the charming villages of the Alpujarras. Secondly, the sea is also close, just 100 kilometers from Motril. Thirdly, night skiing is popular in Sierra Nevada, offering a magical experience of descending snow-covered slopes under the moonlight. Fourthly, the resort boasts modern facilities with over 400 instructors teaching in some of the best ski schools in Sierra Nevada.
  • Lastly – though the list could go on, as there are a thousand reasons – the slopes are at a high altitude, ensuring good snow quality while also enjoying the advantage of Andalusian sun on many days of the ski season. A true luxury to enjoy on its terraces.
  • Sierra Nevada ski resort covers a vast skiable area of 110.4 kilometers, providing a diverse range of options suitable for various preferences, whether you are traveling with friends, as a couple, or with family seeking simpler activities. The resort features 131 slopes categorized by difficulty levels: 19 green slopes (very easy), 45 blue slopes (easy), 53 red slopes (difficult), and 7 black slopes (very difficult). Moreover, it boasts the largest skiable vertical drop in Spain, with a total descent of 1,200 meters and one of the best black slopes in the country.
  • Another distinctive feature of Sierra Nevada ski resort is its powerful snowpark, the Sulayr, offering a variety of jumps and modules of different difficulty levels for learning and progression. Special areas designated for mountain skiing and cross-country skiing are also available. Now, let's explore what each of the four sectors in which Sierra Nevada is divided has to offer: Pradollano, Borreguiles, Loma de Dílar, and Laguna de las Yeguas.


  • This is the lower-altitude area of Sierra Nevada, situated at 2,100 meters. It serves as the nerve center of the resort, featuring good hotel infrastructure, parking, and a bus stop. Tourists, curious visitors, and families gather here, as it is where the non-skier area of Mirlo Blanco is located, with an activity park designed for children: it includes a Russian sleigh, slides, sled track, tubing, ski-biking, and slalom biking, along with a magic carpet.
  • This area also has a cross-country skiing track of 2,500 meters, next to the lower station of the Virgen de las Nieves chairlift (no lift pass required for access).


  • Situated at an altitude of 2,700 meters, this sector is considered the quintessential family area of Sierra Nevada, also serving as a good starting point for those learning to ski. Why? Because there is a wide variety of green slopes, the easiest ones, ideal for kids and beginners. There are also various services available, along with an exclusive slope for slalom enthusiasts.

Loma de Dílar

  • This sector is located in the eastern part of Sierra Nevada. It has a mini-park and a few green slopes (Genciana or Estrella de las Nieves), but above all, a considerable number of blue slopes, easy but more exciting than the greens. These slopes are quite long, making them ideal for getting the hang of skis or a snowboard, such as Poniente and Peñón del Dílar.
  • Additionally, this area is home to the Super Park Sulayr, the main snowpark in Sierra Nevada, along with a Half Pipe. Loma de Dílar is where the two skimo (ski mountaineering) itineraries are located: Pista El Águila (in Cauchiles) and the other descending through Loma Dílar; always check the weather report beforehand.

Laguna de las Yeguas

  • This sector is the highest point of the ski resort, and the chairlift will practically take you to the summit of Veleta peak, at 3,398 meters. From this vantage point, you can enjoy the best views of Sierra Nevada, and on clear days, you can see all the way to the sea. Therefore, we recommend going up, even if just for a photo, especially if you are hesitant to descend the challenging slopes found here, mostly marked as red.
  • This is the least crowded area of Sierra Nevada. Two notable slopes here are La Olímpica, starting below the summit of Veleta, featuring a steep incline over a 3.5-kilometer route, and El Águila, originating from the same point and being the longest slope in the resort, spanning 6 kilometers along the Cauchiles ridge.

How to Get to Sierra Nevada

To reach Sierra Nevada, the most direct options are by car or bus. Hold on tight, as the road to the ski resort's base is quite winding. However, alternative transportation methods are also available, allowing you to then rent a vehicle, take a taxi, or catch a bus. We recommend having your own car if you want to explore the surroundings, such as the Alpujarras, or visit Granada during the 'après-ski' hours.

By Plane to Sierra Nevada

While landing directly in Sierra Nevada is not possible (there's a heliport, but it's exclusive for rescue operations), you can fly to airports near the ski resort. These include Granada Airport (47 kilometers away), Malaga Airport (172 kilometers away), and Seville Airport (291 kilometers away). From these airports, you can take a taxi (more expensive), go to Granada and catch a bus, or rent a car at the airport.

By Train to Sierra Nevada

Similar to air travel, you can use train transportation to get close to Sierra Nevada by heading to these train stations: Granada Station (40 kilometers away), Malaga Station (163 kilometers away), and Sevilla Station (with AVE connection, high-speed train) (268 kilometers away).

By Bus to Sierra Nevada

You have the option to reach the Sierra Nevada ski resort directly by bus, which drops you off in the urbanization, right at the base of the slopes, with all the necessary services (hotels, apartments, restaurants, shops, etc.). This is a good choice if you don't have a car or if you only plan to ski and don't want to drive in the evenings. There are two main bus routes:

  • Bus from Madrid: ALSA operates trips from Monday to Sunday between Madrid and Granada frequently. For reference, on Fridays alone, there are 19 buses making this journey.
  • Bus from Granada: To reach Sierra Nevada from the capital, you can take buses operated by Tocina. They depart from the Granada bus station on weekdays at 8 am, 10 am, and 5 pm, and on weekends at 8 am, 10 am, 3 pm, and 5 pm (winter schedule). The buses drop off at the Padrollano bus parking area, from where they return to Granada at 9 am, 4 pm, and 6:30 pm on weekdays, and at 9 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, and 6:30 pm on weekends and holidays. The single ticket costs 5 euros, and a round-trip ticket is 9 euros.

By Car to Sierra Nevada

The best option for more flexibility around Sierra Nevada is to go by car. Here are the most common routes:

  • From Madrid: It's 450 kilometers and takes around four and a half hours. Take the Autovía del Sur, A-4, and then the exit for Autovía Sierra Nevada-Costa Tropical near Bailén. In Granada, take the A-395 road with many curves towards the Sierra Nevada ski resort.
  • From Barcelona: It's 930 kilometers and takes about eight and a half hours. Head south on the AP-7 highway to València. From there, take the A-3 highway inland, then A-43 to Manzanares, and finally the A-4. Afterward, take the A-395 to the ski resort.

How to Access Ski Tracks and Where to Park in Sierra Nevada

To reach the ski slopes of Sierra Nevada, we have several options thanks to its good connectivity with various transportation modes, which we detail below.

  • By taxi: You can travel to the Sierra Nevada slopes with up to five taxi services operating 24 hours a day (advance reservation is required). They usually follow regular routes, connecting the slopes with the airport or the railway station. There is a fixed taxi stand in Pradollano Square (next to the Meliá hotels).
  • By bus: There is a city bus line that follows the following route on the slopes every day, with a frequency of 20 minutes: Pradollano Square - Fuente Alta - Vial 2 - Telefónica Roundabout - CARD Parking - CARD - Galatea Building - Montaire Building - Crossroads Parking - Los Peñones Parking - University Hostel. From Sunday to Thursday, it runs from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.; Fridays, Saturdays, and eve of holidays, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.
  • There are also expeditions to the University Hostel. For buses: the bus parking has a capacity for a total of 25 buses and can be reached from the Granada bypass (A-395), South roundabout, Serrallo tunnel, and at 31 kilometers, before entering the urbanization, it is located in front of the roundabout (open every day).

If you are going to drive your own car, you have three parking options with a total of 3,907 spaces. It's important to note that parking along the road in Sierra Nevada is prohibited.

  • Covered Parking Plaza Andalucía: It is reached from the A-395 to Sierra Nevada, before reaching the urbanization. It has 2,644 spaces distributed on four floors: the first is for owners; the second for subscribers and the public; the third and fourth floors for the general public. It has ten exits with an elevator to Plaza Andalucía in the urbanization, access to ticket offices through the Pradollano pedestrian exit, direct access to slopes, and the SAS Clinic. It has toilets, ATMs, control and information center (level -3), access signage, and surveillance through security cameras. It is open 24 hours.

Free Parking ❌ Paid Parking ✔️ ℹ️ Access to the slopes on foot

  • Los Peñones Parking (for cars only): To access, turn left before reaching the Pradollano urbanization and follow the signs. It has capacity for 750 vehicles. The fee in high season (per day) is 10 euros, and in other seasons, 5 euros. It is next to the Youth Hostel, in the upper part of the urbanization (at kilometer 36) and next to the Virgen de las Nieves chairlift. It has toilets, lockers, kiosk, surveillance from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and connection to the urbanization with the Parador chairlift. It is open 24 hours.

Free Parking ❌ Paid Parking ✔️ ℹ️ Access via chairlift

  • Las Sabinas-Car Parking (for cars and motorhomes): It is next to the High-Performance Center (CAR), in the middle-upper part of the urbanization. It is reached by the intermediate road, taking the third exit from the Telefónica Roundabout. It costs 5 euros, and there is surveillance from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in high season. It is the ideal transit area for those traveling in motorhomes since both parking and overnight stays are allowed, although it's important to note that there is no electricity or water supply. Vehicles can be left here during the day, and you can take a bus to the slopes as there is a stop at this point. The parking is accessible 24 hours a day.

Free Parking ❌ Paid Parking ✔️ ℹ️ Access via bus

Skiing in Sierra Nevada with Children

The Sierra Nevada ski resort is highly suitable for families. It offers all the services that families need, including a school, daycare, and a snow garden. In addition, there are themed areas designed for boys and girls, along with many green slopes for them to take their first steps on skis. Skiing in Sierra Nevada with children is a great choice, considering the services provided by the resort, such as ski classes for children in Sierra Nevada or the children's school in Sierra Nevada. Below is all the details if you're planning to go to Granada to ski with the little ones.

Family Ski Pass Promotions in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada has special ski pass offers for families. Firstly, it's worth mentioning that children under 6 enter for free. For ages 6 to 15, there are interesting discounts:

  • Full ski season: 764 euros (in low season, 458.50 euros).
  • Half day: 27.50 euros.
  • 1 day: 33 euros.
  • 2 days: 65 euros.
  • 3 days: 94.50 euros.
  • 4 days: 122.50 euros (all consecutive).

On the other hand, the "7 PLUS" promotion is a ski pass with seven days of flexible use, meaning they don't need to be consecutive. The children's pass is for 14 and 15-year-olds and costs 175 euros. There are also family passes with discounts starting from the second pass, as long as they belong to the same family. Skiing with children in Sierra Nevada is an economical option compared to other resorts that do not offer discounts for kids.

Services for Boys and Girls in Sierra Nevada

  • Ski School 1
    Daycare (1-3 years) 1
    Blue and green slopes 64
    Snow garden or playground (4-8 years) 1
    Conveyor lifts 4
  • Children's recreational center in Pradollano. Located in the lower area of Sierra Nevada, in the urbanization, next to the Al-Ándalus gondola. It is a space that accommodates the youngest members of the family, accepting children from 4 months to 6 years. Also known as "The Snow School," it has over 14 years of experience. Here, kids will be in a supervised environment with others their age, where they can play, listen to music, rest in a sleeping area, or engage in crafts. Spaces are limited, so we recommend booking in advance.
  • At the Sierra Nevada Children's School, ski and snow classes can be taken with children in Sierra Nevada. The little ones can learn to ski on slopes suitable for starting to glide through the snow.
  • Family Kids Club. This caters to children aged 3 to 12 and is located in the Enebro Building in the Plaza de Andalucía, Pradollano. Managed by the Cerogrados School, it offers teaching and entertainment in small groups, with a maximum of three children.
  • Alpine Children's Garden. Families who want their children to take their first steps on skis should bring them here, next to the magic carpet in the Borreguiles area. The little ones will start in the snow sport safely, with lifts exclusively for those in this children's garden. There are morning (9:30 am to 1 pm) and afternoon (1 pm to 4:30 pm) sessions, and they ski for about two hours. For beginner boys and girls aged 3 to 5.

Areas and slopes for skiing with children in Sierra Nevada

  • Mirlo Blanco. In Pradollano, at the end of the Río slope and next to the Antonio Jara chairlift, we find this area for non-skiers with a myriad of activities. Families can have fun on the ice rink, the magic carpet, the snow roller coaster, ski-biking, donuts, tubing area, sleds, and much more.
  • Mar Track. You'll reach it by taking the Veleta II chairlift. It is themed after the Tropical Coast of Granada, with maritime elements, animals, a submarine, or a lighthouse with which children can interact and have fun.
  • El Bosque Track. In the beginners' area of Borreguiles, next to the beginner ski carpets, we find this themed track for the younger audience, with 200 meters featuring forest and mountain animals hidden along the way, leading to an igloo camp where kids can participate in various children's activities.
  • Kidspark. If your kids love action and doing tricks with skis or a board, don't miss this space in the Sulayr snowpark, located in Loma de Dílar. Here, they can start in freestyle without taking risks, as they will have the supervision, support, and lessons from professionals. There is a special line for kids with three ground-level platforms, known as Miniparque or Progression Park.
  • Sierra Nevada during family holidays. This ski resort offers special activities with a lot of children's programming around significant holidays of the year, such as Christmas and Kings' Day. Both Santa Claus and the Three Kings visit its slopes. Therefore, taking a family trip to the snow during these days will be a great and unforgettable experience.

After-ski in Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada ski resort boasts a complex where we can do a thousand things, not just skiing. In fact, it even has areas for non-skiers, such as Mirlo Blanco Sierra Nevada. One of the things that ski enthusiasts like the most is everything we can do 'après-ski,' that is, after skiing when the ski slopes close or when our energy is waning, and we feel like doing something else.

Sierra Nevada is located in Andalusia, just a stone's throw from the Alpujarras (at the foot of the southern slope of the mountains) and not far from Granada. So, you won't lack "sun and snow," with many tourist proposals in the surroundings, joy, and a lively atmosphere to reminisce about the day's exploits on the slopes. This is everything we can see and do in Sierra Nevada during 'après-ski'!

Bars and Parties in Sierra Nevada

  • In the lower area of the resort is where the hub of establishments opens to continue the day when the ski slopes close. We are talking about Pradollano, where we can have a drink on the terrace of El Lodge with a blanket and fireplace included, surrounded by the white mountains of Sierra Nevada and watching the sunset.
  • One of the first places to open in the afternoons to welcome tired skiers is the pub Dame Jaleo, also known simply as "El Jaleo," with varied music. The skiers' disco is Believe, which opens from 11 pm and is located in the Meliá Hotel; it always surprises with themed nights and offers and is open from Tuesday to Sunday during the ski season.
  • However, many establishments in Sierra Nevada stay open until late at night. Another classic for a night out is Soho (a legendary place in the resort) or Slalom, with dance music. At Jaima, you can enjoy the best cocktails. Those who don't want to stop moving can head to the disco-bar Cha Cha.

Activities in Sierra Nevada

  • The ski slopes close, and the 'après-ski' begins, but all you really want is to continue sliding down snowy slopes. No problem, right? Well, in Sierra Nevada, there is a solution. In the 'après-ski,' surprisingly, you can continue with your boots on because it offers a magical experience:night skiing. Generally, this activity is available on Saturdays from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. During these hours, you can ski on the El Río track, 3.3 kilometers long, and the Maribel track, 2.5 kilometers long. It's not much, but it's enough to experience unique descents bathed in the moonlight (they also mention, of course, that night skiing in Sierra Nevada has sufficient artificial light to navigate without losing the charm of the night).
  • On the other hand, there are many activities to enjoy during the 'après-ski' if you want to continue doing sports. In Borreguiles, you can slide down slides with inflatable tubes on streets built in the snow, some with interesting slopes.
  • You can also take different snowshoeing routes around the resort. In the establishments in the Pradollano urbanization, you can easily rent them, and the local schools offer guided walks with monitors. And, of course, we have various hiking trails in Sierra Nevada, so the more adventurous can climb to the top of Mulhacén or Veleta and enjoy some of the best views.
  • Of course, you can't miss exploring the surroundings, and if you don't know the area, it's more than a recommendation; it's an obligation. Visit some of the charming mountain villages or head to the beautiful city of Granada, which has a special aura in winter with Sierra Nevada in the background and its white mantle. Get lost in its beautiful narrow streets, have tea in the Arab quarter (Albaicín), discover the old Sephardic neighborhood of Realejo, or explore the neighborhood of caves and the flamenco sanctuary that is Sacromonte.
  • Don't forget to visit the villages of the Alpujarras, where many European hippies took refuge, fleeing the noise of the cities, such as Capileira, Lanjarón, or Trévelez, and savor their delicious local cuisine.
  • If you have the opportunity, take advantage of staying overnight in one of the shelters in Sierra Nevada, such as the Poqueira refuge; some of them are located at an altitude of over 3000 m, near the peak of Mulhacén, one of the highest peaks in Spain. A magical adventure in the heart of nature, and sleeping in some of the most amazing mountain refuges in Spain is undoubtedly a unique plan.

Relax in Sierra Nevada

  • If your body has said "enough," listen to it and heed its advice. 'Après-ski' is also a good time to rest and relax. In the vicinity of the Sierra Nevada ski resort, you will have the luxury of the Lanjarón Spa, a historic thermal center dating back to 1760. It is on the same mountain, although you have to return to Granada and go around it: it's a 72-kilometer journey that takes about an hour from the slopes.
  • Although it may seem far, the visit is worth it: it has six springs of mineral-medicinal waters suitable for the prevention and treatment of various conditions. There are waters with very high mineralization to those with very weak mineralization. All in a privileged environment.

Where to Stay in Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada ski resort boasts a vast development with all kinds of services at its lowest point, in Pradollano, at an altitude of 2,100 meters. Here, you will find various accommodation options to stay right by the slopes, in a spectacular setting of snowy mountains, such as cabins in the snow. To assist you with such a wide range of possibilities, here are some recommendations for staying in Sierra Nevada.

Meliá Sol y Nieve Hotel

  • It is one of the most avant-garde 4-star accommodations you will find in the resort, in an unbeatable location, in the heart of Pradollano and just 100 meters from the lifts and slopes like El Río and Águila, from where you can ski directly to the hotel. It has common areas with a Zen style.
  • The rooms are very spacious, bright, and cozy, with a modern style, mountain views, and some designed for families. At the Yhi Spa, you can relax after skiing in a 2,500 square meter oasis, with a water jet pool, foot baths, and a thermal circuit. Children can also enter, as there is an area specially designed for them, or they can stay in the hotel's children's club. Ski storage and equipment rental services are available.

Meliá Sierra Nevada Hotel

  • It is the first 4-star hotel that opened in Sierra Nevada, boasting a long professional history. It is in the heart of the ski resort, also 100 meters from the lifts and slopes. As a particularity, this building houses the Premium rooms, characterized by a combination of alpine style and contemporary design.
  • The hotel itself hosts the La Bodeguita restaurant, a buffet-style and tapas bar, and La Tinaja, where you can enjoy the best grilled meats. The communal lounge has a fireplace. The Yhi Wellness in this accommodation is a place to rest and enjoy a relaxing bath with views of the sunset over the Sierra Nevada mountains. This unique experience is provided at no additional cost to guests.

GHM Plaza Apartments

  • If you prefer staying in an independent unit where you can cook your own dinner or simply relax with your loved ones, feeling at home, this is your option without leaving the Sierra Nevada ski resort.
  • The apartments are located in the Andalucía square of Pradollano, just 100 meters from the Al Ándalus, Borreguiles, and Jara ski lifts. All accommodations have bedding, blankets, pillows, and towels, as well as a flat-screen TV, wifi, full bathroom, heating, balcony, and a kitchen with a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, and utensils. Some apartments are duplex. Ideal for families or groups of friends.

Inside Plaza Apartments

  • These apartments are perfect for those who want to feel at home and prefer to avoid hotels because they find them too impersonal. Ideal for couples seeking some privacy, groups of friends who want to have joint dinners and drinks without leaving the accommodation, or families looking to spend a delightful night playing or watching movies.
  • With 150 spots, it is located in the center of Pradollano, with hardwood floors, TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and central heating. It is only a five-minute walk from the Sierra Nevada ski slopes. It offers free wifi and ski storage service.

GHM Monachil Hotel

  • A 3-star accommodation with a good value for money without being far from the Sierra Nevada ski slopes. It is not in the center of Pradollano, where there is more hustle and bustle, but in the middle area of the resort, just 60 meters from the Parador I chairlift, making it a quieter area.
  • Its slope-side location allows you to glide down the mountain and reach the hotel without taking off your skis. The Andalucía square can be reached with the lift in just five minutes, where you will find all kinds of services. This hotel offers free wifi, Montblanc dining room with buffet breakfast and dinner, après-ski snack terrace, Cervino à la carte restaurant, Atrium game room, equipment rental shop, ski shop, health club with jacuzzis and sauna, ski storage, and covered and uncovered parking (at an additional cost).

Where to eat in Sierra Nevada

  • There is a varied gastronomic offer to satisfy your appetite on the ski slopes. This sport burns a lot of calories, and we need to take breaks to drink and eat something to avoid getting exhausted during the descent. You can opt for a quick snack or sit down for a while to enjoy à la carte dishes. Here is the complete dining offer in Sierra Nevada, organized by sectors, open during the skiing day.

Eating in Pradollano

  • La Bodega Restaurant: Located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada ski resort, it offers a bar service with tapas and wine tastings, serves breakfast, and has a buffet or à la carte restaurant. Specializing in local and homemade cuisine, all made with local products.

Eating in Borreguiles

  • Alcazaba Restaurant: Signature cuisine in a privileged setting. The extensive menu includes exquisite dishes such as rice, tasting menu, charcoal-grilled meats, a variety of salads, and more. It has a terrace with views of Veleta and ski storage service.
  • Borreguiles Restaurant: A large building with a spacious terrace and beautiful views of the slopes and Veleta. The Free-Flow Borreguiles, on the ground floor, is a buffet-style self-service with a wide variety, perfect for groups of friends and families, offering salads, paninis, fideuà, paella, wok, soups, stews, meats, fish, pastas, or pizzas. On the second floor, there is a bar-café for a quick meal, serving hot or cold sandwiches. Wifi is available.
  • Campanario Restaurant: Perfect for a quick lunch break. They offer menus, sandwiches, chicken fingers, hamburgers, and focaccias. They also have a children's menu. It has a spacious dining area and a very sunny terrace, as well as hammock areas.
  • Nevasol Restaurant: Buffet-style with daily menus. They prepare paella on weekends. They also serve brunch-style breakfasts during peak season and weekends. Gluten-free products are available. Located at the bottom of the Veleta chairlift.
  • Genil Restaurant: A perfect pizzeria to grab a bite and continue skiing. They also serve pastas, salads, hamburgers, and sandwiches. It is located at the bottom of the Stadium chairlift.
  • Chiki Club: An ideal area for children. Decorated with child-friendly motifs and vending machines to replenish energy during the skiing day. It is in the Borreguiles cable car building, under the Campanario restaurant.
  • Wooden's House Bar: A kiosk for gourmet sandwiches and delicious salads.
  • Premium Bar: Ideal for enthusiasts. The terrace is heated with low tables and hammocks. Premium menu with sandwiches, potatoes, and poke.

Eating in Loma de Dílar

  • Domino's Pizza: The pizza chain has an establishment with a large terrace near the Sulayr snow park. Very varied, with flavors for all tastes. Ideal for families.
  • Tap Station San Miguel: Exclusive draft beers from around the world, to have a drink and relax in the sun.

Eating in Laguna de las Yeguas

  • La Laguna Kiosk: A dining space to rest between descents and have a snack, hot broth, or a sandwich. Located in the lower station of the La Laguna chairlift.

Reasons to book a hotel + ski pass package in Sierra Nevada

It is cheaper than ever to go skiing in the Sierra Nevada. Now you can enjoy all that the ski resort of Granada has to offer for a lot less money thanks to the hotel + ski pass offers in Sierra Nevada. More than 130 slopes are waiting for you in Europe's southernmost and Spain's highest ski resort, which boasts many hours of sunshine throughout the season. Here you will find the best deals.

Ski for less with hotel plus ski pass in Sierra Nevada

We usually think that if we book ski passes and a hotel room separately, we will pay less money than if we go to a travel agency. Travelling on your own can be cheaper for certain types of getaways, but not to a ski resort. A package that includes a hotel and ski pass in Sierra Nevada is considerably cheaper than if you book each one separately.

Why is this? Basically because specialised agencies in the industry like Estiber have extensive experience - we have been working in snow sports since 1986 - and have been working with professionals for decades, so we get special prices that are then passed on to the end customer, that is, the skier. We are not asking for blind faith: you can check for yourself by checking the prices of the ski pass and hotel packages in Sierra Nevada.

As you will see, there are offers both for hotels in Sierra Nevada with ski pass, and for flats and ski pass in Sierra Nevada. You choose the type of accommodation you prefer! 

Other advantages of the hotel and ski pass offers in Sierra Nevada

When we are going to book a trip to the snow, no doubt the first thing we look at is the price of the package and the benefits of the accommodation included. But these bookings imply more advantages, apart from the interesting discounts we will get: if you book a hotel and ski pass in Sierra Nevada with Estiber, you will save time because you won't have to buy everything on your own.

In just one click you will have your ski trip in Granada ready. You will also be able to add the complements you need: equipment hire, ski lessons to learn or improve your skiing, complementary activities, etc.

Also, in case you have any incident during your trip, you won't have to talk to different operators; Estiber will answer your questions and try to find a solution to the problems that may have arisen. You will avoid headaches and you will have a single contact person!

Estiber's Sierra Nevada ski pass and hotel packages allow you to cancel or modify your reservation at least 15 days in advance. When you go to make the booking, you can check how many days of free cancellation you have.

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When does the 2024-2025 season start and end in Sierra Nevada?

The Sierra Nevada resort opens its doors on the feast of Immaculate in december and the planned date for the end of the season will be after Easter.

How many skiing kilometres and slopes does Sierra Nevada have?

The Sierra Nevada resort currently has 110 km of skiable areas spread over 132 tracks of all levels: 19 green, 46 blue, 53 red and 7 black.

Does it have Snow Parks and an off-piste area?

Yes, the Sierra Nevada resort has a SnowPark and off-piste area.

What is the best time of year to ski in the Sierra Nevada?

The months of December to February. At Estiber you will find special offers for Christmas, New Year's Eve, Epiphany, long weekends and other special dates.

Are there rental services for ski equipment, restaurants, and others?

The Sierra Nevada resort has ski schools and childcare services. It also has cafes and restaurants.