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If you like to ski in height, you can not miss the tracks of the Boí Taüll station. Here are the highest of the Pyrenees! Do not miss these packages + ski pass, offers to enjoy at affordable prices a relaxed ski or snowboard, without overcrowding and in an unbeatable environment. A trip to the snow in Boí Taüll will surprise you.

Information for skiing in Boí Taüll

Skiing in Boí Taüll

The Boí Taüll ski resort is a surprise for anyone exploring it with a snow trip. Located in the Pyrenees of Lleida, it boasts the highest altitudes in the mountain range: the minimum is at 2,020 meters above sea level (Pla de les Vaques), and the maximum at 2,751 meters (Puig Falcó). It enjoys a privileged north-facing orientation. A combination of features ensures the quality and quantity of snow throughout the ski season, with plenty of powder snow.

  • Situated in the Alta Ribagorça region, which has the lowest population density in all of Catalonia, the landscapes are rugged and remarkably beautiful, very authentic. The locals are very hospitable. It is a bucolic environment where, once on the ski slopes, the peace and tranquility of the place are confirmed.
  • It's a remote ski resort, in terms of noise, compared to other large and crowded skiing destinations. Therefore, it's ideal for families, couples, and those groups seeking to disconnect and glide through the snow without the stress of constantly having someone on your heels. Additionally, it prides itself on being a very affordable skiing destination in Catalonia.
  • You won't have trouble finding untouched slopes early in the day, without tracks in the snow. If there aren't many people, there are practically no queues either – a great destination to make the most of your time on the slopes and slide down one after another without waiting, as long as your body can take it.
  • Boí Taüll is nestled between two valleys, and its slopes descend in a fan-like pattern on the mountains, converging at a vertex where all the slopes meet: Pla de les Vaques. This is where most of the resort's services are located. This geography makes it a ski resort where it's difficult to get lost and easy to navigate, making it an ideal destination for all kinds of ski groups.
  • Looking at the technical specifications of the Boí Taüll ski resort, it has a total skiable vertical drop of 10,366 meters, an area of 550 hectares, and 45 kilometers of slopes spread across 43 marked trails: 6 green slopes, 3 blue slopes, 20 red slopes, and 14 black slopes. Additionally, there are two itineraries, an exclusive sledding track, and a snow park with five different level zones.
  • To move around the resort, there are 11 lifts (6 chairlifts, 2 ski lifts, and 3 conveyor belts), with a transport capacity of 15,770 people per hour. It has 205 snow cannons that cover a snow-covered area of 20.2 kilometers of slopes in case weather conditions fail. Here are the recommended skiing areas in Boí Taüll based on your skiing level.

Beginner Area

  • At the base of the resort, Pla de les Vaques (elevation 2020), is where most of Boí Taüll's green slopes are located. There are two conveyor belt sections, making it very easy, safe, and secure to learn the basics in an isolated space like the Neret green slope.
  • Ideal for gaining confidence before venturing onto a blue slope. Additionally, this is where most of the resort's services are located, such as medical attention, a ski school, Go-pro machine rentals, and a bar-café, allowing you to take a break before continuing if you've had too many thrills.

Central Area

Once you've mastered the basics with skis or a snowboard, the next step is to head to the central area of the Boí Taüll resort, but at a higher altitude: Pla de la Carlina, at 2,170 meters, where we also have some services to grab a drink. From here, there are some fun yet still easy descents like the Amateur green slope or the Junior blue slope.

Left Area

The left area of the Boí Taüll ski resort can be summarized in the ascent to Puig Falcó, at 2,751 meters, the highest elevation (referred to as "where the Pyrenees touch the sky"). From this point, we have a good range of challenging options for advanced skiers, with ideal routes for adrenaline lovers featuring steep slopes. Don't miss Vista Aneto or Raspes Roies if you like extreme terrain, or Vista Pallars and connecting with the Volta de Tuc. From Puig Falcó, there are also several freeride options that can link with the resort's itinerary.

Right Area

It is a diverse area with green, blue, red, and black slopes. The fun Boarder Cross (red slope) stands out, which is not long or technical but offers an enjoyable route with curves and a final jump. Another highlight is Exprés (red slope), descending from Balcó del Cerví, at 2,520 meters. Additionally, the Basseta snow park is located here. On the other hand, there are fairly straightforward red slopes like Vaques or Carena, making it recommended for those wanting to transition from a blue to a red slope.

How to get to Boí Taüll

Getting to a ski resort by public transportation can be challenging, requiring puzzle-solving to match schedules. Therefore, our recommendation is to drive to Boí Taüll. If you're traveling from a distance and don't want to spend many hours driving, another suitable alternative is to approach by train or plane to one of the nearby stations or airports. Let us guide you on the transportation options to reach the ski resort.

By plane

  • You can go to a nearby airport and rent a car or take a taxi (a considerably more expensive option) on the spot. The closest airports to Boí Taüll are Huesca, 165 kilometers away (about two and a half hours by car), and Reus, 249 kilometers away (about three and a half hours by car).

By train

  • If you prefer to travel by land, by train, the nearest station is Lleida-Pirineus. It has a good connection with AVE to cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, or Zaragoza and is located 144 kilometers from Boí Taüll, which would take about two and a half hours by car. From here, you can also take a bus to Pont de Suert, a village with a connection to Taüll, although the frequency is not very high.

By bus

  • As mentioned, there are few options to reach Boí Taüll by bus. There is one operated by ALSA that connects Lleida with Boí and the Taüll road (the journey takes about two and a half hours). The frequency is low, with an average of two trips per day.

By car

  • This is the best option in our view, due to the freedom and flexibility it provides. Moreover, when the ski slopes are closed, you can easily explore nearby towns or engage in other activities.
  • Although the roads pass through mountainous areas, they are well-paved and properly maintained due to the winter tourism they attract, making driving not too challenging.
  • We recommend always having tire chains in the car for added safety and to avoid being stranded in case of inclement weather, as the road can become impassable in the final stretches without them. Enjoy the journey, as it is beautiful.
  • It's worth mentioning that from Boí Taüll Resort, where the main accommodations are located, to the Boí Taüll ski slopes, there is a distance of nine kilometers, approximately 14 minutes by car. Here are the most common routes:
  • From Barcelona (310 kilometers, about four hours): take the A2 highway towards Lleida, continue on C-53 Tàrrega, N-230 Alfarràs-Pont de Suert, and finally, take the L500-501 to Vall de Boí.
  • From Madrid (570 kilometers, about six hours and forty minutes): take the A-2 highway towards Zaragoza and Huesca, continue on N-240 to Barbastro, N-123 to Benabarre, N-230 to Pont de Suert, and then take the L500-501 to Vall de Boí.
  • From San Sebastián (370 kilometers, about four and a half hours): take the A-8 highway towards France, continue on A-63 to Toulouse, A-64 to Luchon, N-125 to Labroquere, N-230 to Vielha, and finish the journey with the L500-501 to Vall de Boí.

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Boí Taüll is a ski resort in the Catalan Pyrenees that we love for its spectacular scenery, low overcrowding, high quality snow, high altitude and north-facing slopes, right in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees. There is a reason why it has been selected on several occasions as the best ski resort in Spain. But you already know all this.

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When does the 2023-2024 season start and end in Boí Taüll?

The Boí Taüll ski resort has not yet announced its opening date. The planned date for the end of the 2023-2024 season is also undetermined.

How many skiing kilometres and slopes does Boí Taüll have?

The Boí Taüll resort currently has 45 km of skiable areas spread over 43 tracks of all levels: 6 green, 3 blue, 20 red and 14 black.

Does it have Snow Parks and an off-piste area?

Yes, the Boí Taüll ski resort has 5 snow park areas of different levels.

What is the best time of year to ski in the Boí Taüll?

The months of December to February. At Estiber you will find special offers for Christmas, New Year's Eve, Epiphany, long weekends and other special dates.

Are there rental services for ski equipment, restaurants, and others?

The Boí Taüll ski resort has a ski school and equipment rental service. It also has a medical centre, restaurants, cafeteria, etc.