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Webcams in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is one of the best ski resorts on the peninsula for several reasons. If you are planning a ski trip to Granada, don't miss the information provided by the Sierra Nevada webcam, as well as the weather, snow and avalanche risk report to make your getaway a "ten".


Borreguiles - Jardín Alpino

Borreguiles - Vista General

El Rio - Las Negras

Granados - Morillas

La Laguna - Artesillas

La Laguna - Base

La Laguna - La Trucha

La Laguna - Olímpica

La Laguna - Tajos de la Virgen

La Visera - Radiotelescopio

Mirlo Blanco - Cabaña

Mirlo Blanco - Pista de trineos

Mirlo Blanco - Trineo Ruso

Mirlo Blanco - Zona de actividades

Mirlo Blanco - Zona de trineos

Montebajo - Snowpark

Montebajo - TQ El Puente II

Montebajo - Ts Loma de Dilar

Morillas - Rebeco

Observatorio - Borreguiles

Observatorio - Laguna

Pico Veleta

Pista Zorro - Panorámica Borreguiles

Prado de las Monjas


Pradollano - Loma de Dilar

Tq A. Zayas - Tubo del Veleta

Tráfico - Cruce PK 31

Ts Stadium - Estación Superior

Ts Veleta - Estación Superior

Virgen de las Nieves - Universiada

Zona Parador - Hoya de la Mora

Information on the Sierra Nevada live webcams

The Sierra Nevada ski resort is the most southerly in Europe and this ensures that it is very sunny; it is also the highest in Spain, with a maximum altitude of 3,300 metres, just shy of the Veleta peak. These figures mean that the snow conditions are fantastic throughout the ski season.

If you don't believe it, take a look for yourself thanks to the Sierra Nevada webcams. There are several scattered throughout the resort and they provide us with useful information at a glance: what the weather is like; whether it's sunny, cloudy, raining or snowing; snow conditions and snow thicknesses; etc. The weather is very important so that your ski day doesn't turn into an ordeal and you can enjoy it to the full, so take advantage of the Sierra Nevada cameras that show us how the slopes are at every moment, before we get there. These are the live cameras in Sierra Nevada:

  • Webcam in Pradollano. The urbanisation area has a camera at 2.100 metres.
  • Webcam in Borreguiles. We can see live what is happening thanks to several webcams: at an altitude of 2.650 metres; on the Rebeco and Zorro slopes, at 2.900 metres; on the Granado - Morillas slopes, at 800 metres; on the La Visera slope, at 2.750 metres; in the Jardín Alpino - Alfombras; in Borreguiles - El Bosque; and in Borreguiles 2, at 2.625 metres.
  • Webcam in the Veleta area. There are several Sierra Nevada webcams in this sector: on the Cordón piste; on the TS Veleta Superior, at 3.030 metres; and at another point overlooking Borreguiles.
  • Webcam in the Montebajo area. There are cameras broadcasting live in the Prado de las Monjas, Universiada, Pista Villén, Parador area, Meta area and TS Monachil.

In addition, Sierra Nevada has webcams in the A-395 - Pk 31, in the access to the urbanisation, another one from Meliá SN and in the Mirlo Blanco activity area.