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In compliance with the Information Society and E-commerce Services Law 34/2002 of the 11th July, we inform you about the use of cookies in our website ( to enhance your experience on it by remembering the pages you visited in the website, your registration name, your preferences and your visual settings, in order to offer you the information of your interest.


What are cookies?


A cookie is a file that downloads onto your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you access certain websites. Cookies let a website store and recover information on the user’s or device’s navigation habits. Depending on the information they contain and the way the device uses them, they can also be used to recognise the user.


What kind of cookies does this website use?


Cookies can be First-party (those that are sent to the user’s device from a device or domain managed by the editor himself and from which the service requested by the user is provided) or Third-party (those that are sent to the user’s device from a device or domain managed by some other organization that processes the data obtained through cookies).


First-party cookies:


Cookies' name Description
Session cookie These cookies are just stored in the browser's cache while the user is visiting the site.
Personalization cookies For example, the ones that let the site remember the user's language choice.
Authentication cookies (session cookies only) They are used to identify the user from the moment he or she logs in to access authorized content.


Third-party cookies:


Cookies' name Description
Tracking cookies These cookies let the site follow and analyse the users' behaviour. This information is used with statistical purposes since it allows us to know such things as a visit's origin, the pages a user has visited or a visit's time and date.




If you accept, continue navigating or click any link, it will be understood that you consent the use of the cookies mentioned above and the conditions contained in the present Cookies policy, and therefore the installation of these cookies on your computer or device. 


Retract my consent


Cookies are useful for several reasons. From a technical point of view, they make websites function nimbly and be adapted to your preferences as they, for instance, store your country’s language or currency. Furthermore, they help websites’ managers enhance the services they offer, thanks to the statistical information collected from them.

However, if you would like to retract your consent of the present Cookies policy at any time, you will have to remove the cookies stored in your computer or device through your Internet browser’s settings.


Disable or block cookies


We inform you that in case of not accepting or blocking the installation of cookies, certain services might not be available from your computer or device, and you might not be able to take full advantage of our website.

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Changes in the Cookies Policy


It is possible that we update the Cookies’ Policy in our Website, so we recommend you to look over this Policy every time you access our website in order to be properly informed on how and why we use cookies.




If you have any doubts, comments or suggestions on our Cookies’ Policy, you can send us an email to or contact our consultants at Bonet consulting: