Ski Holidays in Teruel

Teruel is a good snow area for those who live in and around the Valencia Region and want to take a weekend getaway. You won't find ski resorts with large extensions of terrain, but you will find an assortment of slopes and more than enough challenges to feel the adrenaline of this winter sport. Make sure you make the most of these skiing offers in Teruel in the ski resorts of Valdelinares and Javalambre.

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Where can I ski near Teruel?

If you would like to ski in Teruel, you have two options: the ski resort of Valdelinares and the ski resort of Javalambre. Both are quite small (with a skiable area of 17 and 15 kilometres, respectively), but they are not overcrowded and are a fantastic option for families and beginners. There are no black slopes in any of them, but there are plenty of green and blue slopes in spectacular surroundings.

How many kilometres and slopes do the ski resorts of Teruel have?

The Valdelinares ski resort has 17 skiable kilometres and 13 ski runs (five green, four blue and four red), while the Javalambre ski resort has 14 skiable kilometres (five green, eight blue and one red). The ski slopes of Teruel are, therefore, ideal for the family public and for beginners who want to learn to ski and perfect their practice.

How to get hotel + ski pass offers for skiing in Teruel?

There is no accommodation on the ski slopes of Teruel, but there is accommodation in the surrounding villages, such as Mora de Rubielos, Valdelinares, Camarena de la Sierra... quiet and beautiful places to stay on a snowy getaway. To get discounts for skiing in Teruel, we recommend you book a package that includes hotel plus ski pass in Valdelinares or Javalambre.