Vallnord Bike Park offers in La Massana (Andorra)

The new summer season begins at Vallnord Bike Park. The bike park La Massana, in Andorra, is ready for you to enjoy the descent also in summer. You can come alone or as a family and if you want to live with children, do not worry, Vallnord Bike Park has a children's area with easy level circuits, suitable for beginners.

In addition, the Vallnord Bike Park school has Roger González and a team of qualified professionals to teach the initiation and improvement courses, both at a private and collective level.

Travel information

Vallnord Bike Park


Down Hill

Descent at high speed through a route with obstacles and difficulties such as trunks, stones, jumps, etc. You can descend by routes of all levels. And, if you master this modality, you can also access the official circuits of the Mountain Bike World Cup.


Vallnord Bike Park has 2 Enduro circuits, one red level and one Blue level. It contains sections in which one must pedal. 80% of the journey takes place on paths or paths.

Wood park

The WoodPark is a circuit for all levels that offers wooden obstacles such as jumps, footbridges, superelevations, potholes ...

Pump track

Area to practice before starting the descents. Here we will work on balance and piloting skills.

Cross country

Circuits, mostly, to pedal. There are 3 different levels and it is recommended to use specific Cross Country (XC) bicycles. The more level routes have technical areas with roots and rocks.

Four cross

Circuit that combines jumps with zones of high plateaus, steps-ups, chained chains and areas of trunks.


New specific circuit for E-bike from the village of La Massana to the Coll de la Botella suitable for all levels.

Newbies & children area

In this Bike Park you will also find routes for beginners and for people of any age and level of MTB. In the children's area, for example, you can enjoy the bike with the whole family. In addition, you can also find the Mini WoodPark, an area with wooden obstacles but special for children from 6 to 10 years old in this case.


Circuits Vallnord Bike park


In the Andorran village of La Massana you will find the Vallnord Bike Park La Massana, a ski resort in winter reconverted to an MTB zone in summer. The area has over 40 km of descent and a vertical drop of over 1000 m and is equipped with three lifts that connect up to 25 circuits of varying levels of difficulty. This Bike Park has become in the recent years one of the most important circuits in southern Europe for the quality of its facilities, unrivaled setting and a wide range of circuits and slopes.

Dates and schedule

The ski pass Vallnord Bike Park La Massana includes free use of the circuits and ski lifts in operation during the summer. 

  • From May 19 to June 10, on weekends, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • From June 15th to September 9th, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • From July 28 to August 19, every day of the week, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • From September 15 to October 14, on weekends, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed from July 12 to July 15 by the UCI Wolrd Cup

Safety standards

Code of liability for cyclists

  • Control your bike at all times.
  • Do not stand at descending sites or poor visibility locations.
  • When you access a cross circuit, check that no other rider is cycling.
  • Respect the signs and marked areas of the Bike Park.
  • If you think that you may have difficulty getting on the chairlift, tell the cabin staff.
  • If you witness an accident or detect any irregularities in the circuits, call 00376 878 078.
  • Respect the natural environment of the Massana Vallnord Bike Park (and any other).

Vallnord bike park checklist

  • Make sure your helmet is in perfect condition and adjust it correctly.
  • Check that everything is OK on your bike.
  • Check your brake pads.
  • Check the tire pressure and that they are sealed.
  • Check the different fixings: handlebar grips, power, saddle and seat post.

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