Ski Holidays in Pra Loup

Pra Loup is one of the least crowded ski resorts in the French Alps. That's not to say it's small: it's part of the Espace Lumière domain and has 100 kilometres of skiable slopes for all levels. Its location in Provence, in the south of France, helps it to have a fairly good climate for these latitudes. It is a good ski destination for families.

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When is the best time to ski in Pra Loup?

Because the weather in Pra Loup is more pleasant than in other ski resorts in the Alps, we recommend travelling late in the season to ensure a good amount of open slopes. The best time to go skiing in Pra Loup is pure winter: Christmas, February and as early as Easter. It's a great family destination for those magical times of year-end.

How many km and slopes are there in the Pra Loup ski area?

The ski resort of Pra Loup has a total of 100 skiable kilometres and is part of the "Espace Lumière" domain. The slopes of Pra Loup have the following levels of difficulty: there are 7 green, 17 blue, 23 red and 3 black slopes. The easiest runs are usually quite short, so beginners who have skied before will have much more fun on the blue runs at higher altitudes, which are quite long.

Does Pra Loup have snowparks and off-piste areas?

Yes, at Pra Loup there is a snowpark with a wide range of modules for beginners and advanced freestylers, located under the Bergerie chairlift. There are also boardercross circuits with different levels of difficulty. On the other hand, there are 7 itineraries for thrill seekers off the ski slopes.