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Webcams in La Molina

Destination chosen: the ski resort of La Molina. You already have your hotel reservation plus ski pass. Now it's time to prepare your equipment, clothes and skis or board (or find out where to hire the equipment). There is still a very important part missing for the trip to the snow to be perfect: knowing the weather. To find out what is happening on the slopes in real time, the La Molina webcams will be of great help.

La Molina 1.700

Llac de La Molina

Niu de l´Aliga - Refugi

Pista Llarga - Base

TC Cadí-Moixeró - Tossa d´Alp

Torrent Negre

Torrent Negre - Panorámica

TSD Cap de Comella


Information on the La Molina live webcams

Do you want to know what the ski resort of La Molina looks like right now? The La Molina live webcams provide us with a lot of first-hand information that will be very useful for our trip to the slopes of the Catalan resort: we will be able to know how the snow is, how thick it is, what the weather is like at all times by watching the videos comfortably from home, check the number of skiers on the slopes, observe the beautiful snowy landscapes that surround the resort... If we combine the data from the La Molina webcams with the snow report, we will know, for example, the quality of the slopes and if there is a risk of avalanches.

La Molina resort is very extensive, with something for everyone: it has 71 skiable kilometres with 68 slopes of all levels of difficulty, as well as areas especially designed for families. There is a reason why its skiers are so loyal. Its minimum altitude is 1.667 metres and its maximum altitude is 2.537 metres. Now we can see everything that is happening in real time thanks to the La Molina live camera, a free, open window onto the mountains of the Catalan Pyrenees.

If you want to take a look at how the slopes are right now and have a live 360-degree panoramic view, in La Molina the cameras that we can play are the following: Cap de Comella, at an altitude of 2,075 metres; Alabau Chairlift Top Station (already in the Torrent area); TCB Cadí-Moixeró Top Station, at 2,537 metres; at the Niu de l'Àliga Refuge, at 2,510 metres; webcam at Torrent Negre; in the Tubbing and Johann Cruyff tape area (next to the lower area of TCB Cadí Moixeró); and the TV3 webcam in the area of the housing estate.