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Offers La Molina Bike Park

The descent goes on in La Molina Bike Park. 13 tracks for all levels, Cross Country circuit, Wood Park, Freeride Area and The Txiqui Bike Park conform this amazing adventure spot. It is all you need to enjoy the mountain biking, the enduro and the MTB.

With 2400 m of highness and the natural setting of Coll de Pal or Llac of Molina, the Bike Park becomes a must to expert and rookie riders.

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La Molina Bike Park



Downhill at high speed on a tour with difficulties and obstacles like logs, rocks, jumps, etc. You can go down paths of all levels. And if you master this mode, you can also access the official circuits of the World Cup Mountain Bike.



It is the most popular mountain biking discipline and also the least extreme amongst the other forms. XC racing is also an Olympic discipline which involves competitors racing from point-to-point through defined trail sections in the fastest time possible. XC trails can range from open fire roads to winding narrow single-tracks that will test the rider’s endurance and technical handling skills.


1.27 km - 360 m vertical drop

Very high level

Experts only

Its first part is very difficult, it has a very technical part, which is inside the forest and it has a fast end too.

0,52 Km - 98 m vertical drop

Very high level

Firewall with with big gradient and some jumps. A big challenge for you

1,24 km - 220 m vertical drop

High level

Here begins an area of natural and man-made obstacles, "campito" jumps, wallrides, wooden slopes, etc.

2,1 km - 390 m vertical drop

High level

Competition circuit where the Catalonian Championships takes place. Sloping and technical first part, once the trail green is crossed, it drops in level and there are some interesting variations.

6,12 km - 687 m vertical drop

Medium-high level

The first part is open and with rocks. It connects with the green trail. The trail is changing inside the forest. Once the green zone is crossed, there is a smooth climb to an open zone with a field that arrives to another forest with tight curves that provides an interesting uphill-downhill, the trail ends on a path between trees.

5,5 km - 483 m vertical drop

Medium level

Circuit designed for all levels. Fluid, with rollers, speed jump and an area which runs through the woods.

3,5 km - 395 m vertical drop

Medium level

Big circuit with a general view to the Berguedà, Ripollès and La Cerdanya. The first section leads to a technical trail that arrives at the Coll de Pal valley with a return trail from the Bagà way and later to the Catalonian trail.

6,5 km - 678 m vertical drop

Low-medium level

Forestal trail that begins with a gradual slope. After a small climb, there is a quiet zone and the last section has banked curves. Be careful with the Masella intersection: do not go there!

0,95 km - 68 m vertical drop

Low level

Begins with a flat area and continues with a moderate slope and some obstacles until you arrive at the Alp 2500 Gondola lift.

19 km

The Cross Country Circuit with 19 km is ideal for those who enjoy pedaling, from the Gondola lift zone and through different areas of the resort. It combines the 4x4 tracks with those with a single track, making it a very mixed circuit.

1 Km - 94 m vertical drop

Beginners level

Area for beginners in MTB. Access from Trampoli lift


 Catalan Pyrenees
 Catalan Pyrenees
 Catalan Pyrenees
 Catalan Pyrenees
 Catalan Pyrenees
 Catalan Pyrenees
 Catalan Pyrenees
 Catalan Pyrenees
 Catalan Pyrenees

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Opening date: in June, only weekends. In July: starting July 1, every day until September 11

From 11 September to 14 October only weekends

Opening hours bike park and cable car: 10h00-18h00

Last rise Bike Park: 5:45 p.m.

Last climb ride: 5:30 p.m.

Where is La Molina Bike Park



  • Before starting the activity check that your bike is in perfect conditions and check all the information concerning the Bike Park circuits.
  • Remember that you are in the mountains. Drink water and be careful with the sun. Check the weather forecast before starting the activity.
  • You have to be conveniently equipped. Use protections and helmet. Tell your companions to do the same.
  • You have to be self-sufficient. Know your physical and technical level. Choose the circuit depending on your level. Control your bike, adapting your speed to the circuit conditions and the visibility, in order to avoid possible accidents.
  • Don't use headphones. Without them, you will pay more attention.
  • In case of being involved in an accident, stay there. Help the person affected and call the 112 (emergency phone).
  • Remember that you are in a protected natural space, where there are some basic rules that you have to respect.
  • Try to minimize your impact in the environment.