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The Bike Park is experiencing an important transformation this summer with the addition of new descent routes within the MTB options available. Three lifts (a cable-car, a chairlift and a moving carpet) provide access to eight descent runs for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). These routes total more than 37 kilometres and offer a slope of almost 1000 metres on signposted trails, coinciding with winter ski areas. They provide a new way of discovering Sierra Nevada in summer.

Travel information


Descent | Down Hill

Downhill at high speed on a tour with difficulties and obstacles like logs, rocks, jumps, etc. You can go down paths of all levels. And if you master this mode, you can also access the official circuits of the World Cup Mountain Bike.


It is the most popular mountain biking discipline and also the least extreme amongst the other forms. XC racing is also an Olympic discipline which involves competitors racing from point-to-point through defined trail sections in the fastest time possible. XC trails can range from open fire roads to winding narrow single-tracks that will test the rider’s endurance and technical handling skills.


Route Veleta

This route begins at an altitude of 3000 metres and, after a first stretch of steep zigzagging, it reaches the first jumps area. Before descending to Borreguiles, there is the option of reaching the “low mountain pass”, which provides access to the lake. From here, you can enjoy impressive views of the Tajos de la Virgen Mountains. From this point to the bottom, the terrain is ideal for gaining speed with wide, safe slopes and a second line of jumps. This route can also continue along the river.

Technical Information

  • Route length: 2.780 m.
  • Starting altitude: 3.028 mamsl
  • Vertical drop: 350 m.
  • Average gradient: 12,6%
  • Category: DH Descent

Route Peñones

With similar altitudes to the previous route, this route runs parallel to it at the beginning with the Veleta chair lift on the other side. It was one of the new routes for last year’s summer season. The Bike Park’s constructors have designed a quick, fun descent with this route. It also continues past the river down to Pradollano.

Technical Information

  • Route length: 2.050 m.
  • Starting altitude: 3.028 mamsl
  • Vertical drop: 350 m.
  • Average gradient: 17,1%
  • Category: DH descent

Route Montebajo

This is the setting of the BTT descent competition thanks to it boasting a large part of the course for the MTB World Championship, which was hosted at Sierra Nevada in 2000. After a quick first stretch, the route turns 90º on the wood slope that surrounds the pylon of the Monachil chair lift, and then opens out to jumps and the technical area of the route centred round a grouping of “trail” rocks. From there, the route picks up speed to Pradollano.

Technical Information

  • Route length: 4.260 m.
  • Starting altitude: 2.684 mamsl
  • Vertical drop: 545 m.
  • Average gradient: 12,8%
  • Category: DH descent

Route Río

Just like in winter, this is the most popular Bike Park route. Due to its length, accessibility and frequency, the El Río Route is suitable for bikers of intermediate and advanced skill level. It starts at Borreguiles and passes the water pools used to produce artificial snow and the lower Stadium chair lift station where you can dive into an alternating jump and slope zone with steep sections all the way to Pradollano.

Technical Information

  • Route length: 4.420 m.
  • Starting altitude: 2.684 mamsl
  • Vertical drop: 545 m.
  • Average gradient: 12,3%
  • Category: DH descent

Route Bulevares

This another of the new routes from the summer 2014 season. It is used as the beginner’s area and family area of Sierra Nevada Bike Park. The route begins in Borreguiles and descends at a gentle gradient: in winter, it is the direct ski run that reaches the boulevards. From the Virgen de las Nieve chair lift, it descends in comfortable zigzags all the way down to Pradollano.

Technical Information

  • Route length: 5.169 m.
  • Starting altitude: 2.684 mamsl
  • Vertical drop: 523 m.
  • Average gradient: 10,1%
  • Category: DH descent

Route Maribel

This route runs parallel to the river, following the run of the same name. It maintains the slope of the piste and its final difficulty will depend on the route established by the designers. It finishes at the El Río Route with the intermediate jumps area.

Technical Information

  • Route length: 2.382 m.
  • Starting altitude: 2.684 mamsl
  • Vertical drop: 523 m.
  • Average gradient: 10,1%
  • Category: DH Descent

Route Mini Bike Park

With access from the Borreguiles carpet lift, Sierra Nevada’s Mini Bike Park is the perfect place for children and beginners to familiarise themselves with descent bikes and the obstacles available in a Bike Park: ours has small jumps and gentle slopes.

The Mini Bike Park, thanks to the Borreguiles carpet lift, offers a high frequency of descents on the route, which has been designed at the heart of the Borreguiles plains.

Technical Information

  • Route length: 190 m.
  • Starting altitude: 2.701 mamsl
  • Vertical drop: 17 m.
  • Average gradient: 9 %
  • Category: Beginners’ DH

Route Fuente Alta

This cross country route is located at Fuente Alta between the forest that stretches from the entrance of the residential area of Pradollano. It is a closed circuit with technically demanding areas.

Access to this route, 8.6 kilometres in length, is free. It was the setting for cross country events in the Mountain Biking World Championships at Sierra Nevada in 2000.

Technical Information

  • Route length: 8.660 m.
  • Starting altitude: 2.118 mamsl
  • Vertical drop: 125 m.
  • Average gradient: 1,4%
  • Category: XC

Route Laguna

This circuit cross country starts traversing the Hoya de la Mora , runs parallel to the path Virgen de las Nieves ( road Borreguiles ) and enters the area of the Laguna de las Yeguas (parallel to the path of the same name ) , ending in Chorreras . With a distance of about 8 kilometers, it does not present much difficulty (only 1.2 % average slope).

Technical information

  • Route length: 7.780 m.
  • Starting altitude: 2.684 m.s.m.
  • Vertical drop: 91 m.
  • Average gradient: 1,2%
  • Category: Cross country

 Safety standards

  • The Bike Park user assumes the risk that has the practice of the different disciplines. Cetursa Sierra Nevada SA is not responsible of the damages or accidents caused by the incorrect use of the circuits, in addition to the damages caused to another person.
  • Before starting the activity check that your bike is in perfect conditions and check all the information concerning the Bike Park circuits.
  • Remember that you are in the mountains. Drink water and be careful with the sun. Check the weather forecast before starting the activity.
  • You have to be conveniently equipped. Use protections and helmet. Tell your companions to do the same.
  • You have to be self-sufficient. Know your physical and technical level. Choose the circuit depending on your level. Control your bike, adapting your speed to the circuit conditions and the visibility, in order to avoid possible accidents.
  • Don't use headphones. Without them, you will pay more attention.
  • In case of being involved in an accident, stay there. Help the person affected and call the 112 (emergency phone).
  • Remember that you are in a protected natural space, where there are some basic rules that you have to respect.
  • Try to minimize your impact in the environment.


From 24 June to 3 September 2017, every day

Lifts open

Borreguiles gondola: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (last ascent), 6.15 p.m. (last descent), from Monday to Sunday.

Borreguiles Moving Carpet and Veleta Chairlift: 10.15 a.m. to 5.45 p.m. (last ascent), 6.00 p.m. (last descent), from Monday to Sunday.

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