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Webcams in Baqueira Beret

One of the best ski resorts in the Catalan Pyrenees is Baqueira-Beret. When preparing a getaway to its slopes, it is important to know the weather forecast to find out what the temperatures will be, the weather and, above all, the snow forecast. All this is offered to us by the Baqueira webcam live.


Baqueira - Superior Jorge Jordana

Baqueira 1.800

Baqueira 1.800 - Telecabina

Cap de Baqueira

Cap de Peülla

Clot der Os

La Peülla

Panorámica Baqueira

Panorámica Beret

Pla de Beret

Port de la Bonaigua

Teso dera Mina - Argülls

Teso dera Mina - Bonaigua

Teso dera Mina - Panorámica

Tuc de Blanhiblar

Val d´Aran

Information on the Baqueira Beret live webcams

Baqueira Beret is an impressive ski resort in the Catalan Pyrenees with 165 kilometres of pistes, where you will find a wide range of slopes of all levels of difficulty: 5 green, 43 blue, 48 red and 17 black, as well as 3 itineraries totalling 5 kilometres. They are at altitudes of between 1.500 and 2.600 metres above sea level, which, combined with a privileged location on the northern slopes of the Pyrenees, guarantees excellent snow conditions throughout the ski season.

Do you want to know what the slopes are like right now? You can see them directly thanks to the Baqueira webcams, cameras that broadcast live and where you can check, without intermediaries, how much snow there is, the number of people on the slopes, the weather, etc. The Baqueira Beret webcam is a real ally for preparing your getaway so that rain or snowfall doesn't catch you unawares. These are all the Baqueira webcams:

  • Baqueira webcam live. At the ski resort we can consult the live images from three interactive livecams, which we can zoom in, zoom out and move in any direction we want: one in Blanhiblar, at an altitude of 2.245 metres; another in Baqueira - Forest, at around 1.800 metres; and the last one, in Baqueira - Teso dera Mina, at 2.200 metres.
  • Webcams Baqueira Beret. They offer static broadcasts in real time, very useful live information to see the state of the snow and the weather. The live webcams in Baqueira are at 1500 metres, in Cara Nord and in Debutantes Baqueira 1800; the webcams in Beret are at the base of the sector, at 1.860 metres, and in Orri. Finally, there is a webcam in Bonaigua, with a view of Aneto.