Ski Holidays in Gourette

Are you looking for a quiet, uncrowded resort in the French Pyrenees? The ski slopes of Gourette are the ideal snow destination for you. Located in the Aquitaine region, just 50 kilometres from the French border, it is perfect for expert skiers and also very suitable for families. We invite you to discover it with these ski holidays in Gourette.

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How many kilometres and slopes does the Gourette ski area have?

The ski resort of Gourette is recommended for frequent skiers. It has 42 kilometres of slopes, many of which are red: 19 are easy, 17 are intermediate and 3 are difficult, making a total of 39. It also has a spectacular vertical drop of over 1,100 metres, a real challenge for the most experienced skiers.

Where to sleep in Gourette on a budget?

If you book an all-inclusive package of hotel and ski pass, you can get a great deal on flats in Gourrette. In one click, you'll have everything you need for your French Pyrenees snow getaway at a price you won't find if you book accommodation and ski pass separately.

s there a ski equipment rental service at the Gourette resort?

Yes, either because you don't have any or because you don't want to travel with your equipment, without leaving the ski slopes of Gourette you can rent all the material you need to ski and snowboard. Our recommendation is to visit the Euroski sports shop, where they will advise you on the best equipment for skiing and snowboarding.