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Ordino Arcalís snow report

If you are planning a ski trip to Ordino Arcalís ski resort, you will want to know what you will find on the slopes. How many skiable kilometres are open or how many lifts are in operation. Check here for all the latest information on the state of the slopes in Ordino Arcalís.

Ordino - Arcalís resort conditions


-/30.5Km open

---Snow depth

-Snow quality

Last update: 19/07/2024

Ski conditions in Ordino - Arcalís

-%Km open

-/28Open slopes

-/16Lifts open




Resort map

Ordino - Arcalís snow report

Last snowfall12/06/2024

Snow depth--- cm

Snow quality-

Avalanche risk-/5

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Information on the Ordino Arcalís live snow report

Is it better to go skiing this week on the slopes of Ordino Arcalís or is it worth waiting a bit? What is the state of the slopes in Ordino Arcalís at the moment? You can see all this information with the Ordino Arcalís snow report, where you will find everything related to the number of open and total slopes; the open and total kilometres; the ski lifts that will be in operation to move around the ski area; the minimum and maximum snow thicknesses, as well as its quality to better decide when to go skiing.

In Ordino Arcalís there are a total of 28 downhill ski slopes and a large snowpark with a surface area of more than 15.000 square metres for lovers of pirouettes, as well as five itineraries for ski mountaineering. The minimum altitude of the resort is 1.940 metres, and the maximum altitude is 2.625 metres, altitudes that guarantee good snow conditions in Ordino throughout the ski season.

Take a look at the Ordino Arcalís ski slopes map to see how they are distributed throughout the ski area. It is a very versatile resort, so there are options for all types of skiers. These are the sectors of this Andorran ski resort and their updated conditions:

  • State of Ordino slopes. Check the lifts that are open at this time of the total, as well as the slopes and skiable kilometres of Ordino on which we can slide right now to anticipate what you will find.
  • State of the slopes in Arcalís. With the Arcalís snow report you can find out the current state of openness and thicknesses in this ski area of Andorra. You can consult the location and altitude of the slopes on the Arcalís piste map.