Ski offers Val Thorens

Did you know that Val Thorens is the highest altitude station in Europe? As if that were not enough, it is also within the largest ski area in the world, the area known as Les Trois Vallées, in the French Alps. These two data already make it a place where you have to go sometime in life. With these ski offers Val Thorens you will have it easier.

Information for skiing in VAL THORENS

Skiing in Val Thorens

Eager to enhance your skiing experiences? A spectacular snow destination that never disappoints is Val Thorens, located in the Tarentaise Valley in Savoie, France. A getaway to another country is an ideal option to disconnect from the routine: a different language, different schedules, different people, different cultures... a total change for your vacation. And what can we say about the Alps for skiers and mountain enthusiasts? It's a dream come true!
  • Val Thorens boasts a 40-year history. It was built by visionary individuals who conceived the resort in an exceptional natural setting, and it has thrived to this day. Along the way, it has developed a hotel infrastructure and a trail map for the resort with the world's largest cable car to the summit of Caron (with a capacity for 150 people). The resort also offers all the necessary services for renting equipment, so you can find the perfect ski gear for your trip. It even has a restaurant, L'Oxalys, which earned its first and second Michelin stars over time.
  • Now, let's get to the skiing. This resort is part of an impressive ski domain known as "Les Trois Vallées," and in total, the ski offerings in Les 3 Vallées add up to a whopping 600 kilometers, making it the largest ski area in the world. But let's focus on Val Thorens: its minimum altitude is 1,850 meters, and the maximum is 3,200 meters. However, almost all of its slopes are above 2,000 meters, so you can imagine that the quantity and quality of the snow are unbeatable throughout the ski season. In fact, it is the highest resort in all of Europe.
  • If there's a reason it's an ideal skiing destination, it's because it's surrounded by a spectacular environment: six glaciers, giving it views considered among the most beautiful in the entire Alps.
  • Val Thorens has a total of 150 kilometers of ski slopes, offering 86 trails of all difficulty levels: 13 green runs, 34 blue runs, 30 red runs, and 9 black runs. There are 30 lifts to get around the resort, ranging from a tow lift to four conveyor belts, three chairlifts, 13 detachable chairlifts, three gondolas, one detachable gondola, one cable car, three funiculars, and one funitel.
  • The Val Thorens ski resort is suitable for groups of friends due to its vibrant youthful atmosphere. However, it offers many specific activities that also make it an ideal snow destination for families and couples. Val Thorens has two main sectors, the one that gives the resort its name and Orelle, ideal for those seeking tranquility and avoiding crowds. There are many must-try slopes in Val Thorens, and you will love the dreamy surroundings. We recommend the following slopes based on your skiing level.

Where to Ski in the Val Thorens Sector:

  • For beginners and families: The Péclet area has some interesting trails for skiing initiation, such as the blue Corniche or the green Flocon and Combe de Thorens. For a bit more fun, there's Genepi, with a very curvy path.
  • For advanced skiers: On the slopes of the Caron peak towards Val Thorens, you'll find some exciting descents for those seeking adrenaline, such as the red Col d'Audzin, with magnificent panoramic views of the valley, which can be linked with the black Cristaux. Also, take note of the red Falaise, Asters, and Maurienase.

Where to Ski in the Orelle Sector:

  • For families and beginners: This area is very pleasant with fewer crowds, allowing you to ski more peacefully. A good track for learning the basics in this sector is Peyron (blue), descending from the Pointe Renod Glacier with a wide, curvy, long, and simple slope, offering spectacular views of the Maurienne Valley.
  • Don't miss one of the most beautiful areas in the Val Thorens domain, traversed by the blue slope Lory, which is quite long and has a gentle slope. You can ascend to the highest point, the Bouchet chairlift at 3,230 meters, although the descent from here is red (Coraia and Bouchet).
  • For advanced skiers: Don't miss the black Combe Rosael slope, descending from the Caron peak at 3,200 meters altitude and reaching Plan Bouchet at 2,350 meters, linking with other red or blue slopes (Mauriennaise, Gentianes...).

How to get to Val Thorens

The French Alps are a mountain destination par excellence. For this reason, the connections are very good, and the roads are well-maintained. There are many ways to reach the Val Thorens ski resort, whether by air, sea, or land. Here are the options you have. Traveling by plane from Spain is the fastest option, and if you want to do some sightseeing around the area during the 'après-ski' and move around comfortably and flexibly, we recommend that you go in your own car or fly and rent one at the airport.

By Plane to Val Thorens:

The Val Thorens ski resort is only a two-hour drive from four international airports. From these airports, you can take a taxi or rent a car for convenient and flexible transportation. Additionally, there are direct bus connections with regular bus lines. The airports include:
  • Lyon Saint-Exúpery Airport (183 kilometers) - Operated by Trandey Savoie.
  • Chambéry Airport (159 kilometers) - Operated by Alpskibus, one and a half hours by car or bus.
  • Geneva Airport (112 kilometers) - Operated by Trandey Savoie, two and a half hours by car or bus.
  • Grenoble Airport (187 kilometers) - Operated by Ben’s Bus.
If you can afford it, another option for reaching Val Thorens by air is through its heliport. It can accommodate up to three helicopters at a time, is located at the foot of the slopes, and is accessible from the road. The heliport entrance is through a vintage cabin of the cable car that reaches the Caron peak.

By Train to Val Thorens:

  • The nearest train station to Val Thorens is Moûtiers, one of the French Alps towns with excellent connections to various ski resorts. It is only 37 kilometers from the slopes and has a regular shuttle service operated by Altibus. Taxi transfer service is also available.

Skibus to Val Thorens:

  • There are numerous bus services connecting to points such as Moûtiers train station. Additionally, Alpes Savoie Tours operates trips to Val Thorens every day of the week from various locations in France.
  • If you are traveling during the December bridge period, Estiber organizes bus departures from Barcelona. Our Ski-Bus will drop you off at your accommodation, and the guides will provide everything you need for an incredible stay in the largest ski area in Europe. Estiber's skibus to Val Thorens takes you to the French Alps during the Constitution bridge and is an ideal option if you don't want to depend on a car or don't have your own vehicle. The bus is always accompanied by an Estiber guide who will accompany you until you reach the French village.

By Car to Val Thorens:

As mentioned, the fastest and least cumbersome option to reach Val Thorens is to take a plane and then rent a car. Nevertheless, if you plan to travel from Spain in your own car because you don't mind driving many kilometers, here are the main routes:
  • From Madrid: Approximately 1,400 kilometers and 13 hours. Follow the direction to Zaragoza, then take the AP-2 towards Barcelona, the AP-7 to the border at La Junquera, and continue on the A-9 in France passing through Narbonne, Montpellier, and Nimes. Afterward, follow the A7 towards Valence, take the exit onto the A49 towards Voiron, continue on the A48 to Grenoble, and then follow the A41 to Albertville. At this point, follow the N90 road to Moûtiers. Here, you will see signage for Val Thorens, and you need to follow the D117.
  • From Barcelona: The journey is 780 kilometers, taking approximately 7 hours and 42 minutes.
  • From Donostia-San Sebastián: The route is 1,017 kilometers, taking about 9 and a half hours.

How to get to the ski slopes and where to park in Val Thorens

One of the best aspects of accessing the ski slopes in Val Thorens is the almost mandatory requirement to leave your car behind. It's essential to know that Val Thorens is a semi-pedestrian station with limited parking on its streets during winter, when it receives the most visitors for skiing. The car-free environment is very friendly and ideal for strolling.

Therefore, it's necessary to park your car in designated areas (with a fee), which comes with numerous advantages: you won't experience traffic jams after skiing, won't have to struggle to find parking, your car will be protected and warm, and when you pick it up, there's no need to remove snow or ice from the windshield. To park your car in Val Thorens and then access the slopes, follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Stop in front of your accommodation to unload luggage for a few minutes.
  • Step 2. Head to the nearest parking (more like garages) close to your accommodation. They are easy to locate due to their simple nomenclature. Parking areas P0 and P1 are open from Fridays at 2 pm to Sundays at 8 pm. Area P2 is the only one open 24 hours a day. These first three areas are within the ski resort. Moving on to spaces P3 and P4, they are outside but have a free shuttle bus to the slopes. If you're not going to P2, the only one open all day and uncovered (ideal for campers), it's recommended to reserve your spot online in advance because they are limited, ensuring a space close to your accommodation.
  • Step 3. You can move around the ski resort in two ways: using free shuttle buses operating daily from 8 am to 8 pm throughout the station, or on foot, which is a pleasure as it allows you to appreciate the luxury of skiing in the Alps. The station can be crossed on foot in 20 minutes.

On the other hand, P4 has a free parking area for visitors who come to Val Thorens to ski during the day and leave afterward; overnight parking is not allowed in this area. It is free, therefore, from 7 am to 8 pm and provides direct access to the slopes, in addition to being next to the ticket booths for the Cairn and Caron cable cars, where ski passes can be conveniently purchased.

You can also leave your car for the day in other paid parking areas, such as P0, P1, and P2, with a rate of 8.50 euros from 8 am to 8 pm (subject to occupancy availability). Another option is the fractional parking of Arche and Slalom for a short stroll, paying by the hour with a maximum of three consecutive hours.

In total, combining all these options, the Val Thorens ski resort has more than 3,500 parking spaces for cars. You won't have trouble finding a spot and then moving around on foot, taking advantage of the semi-pedestrian nature of the base village. A luxury you should make the most of. Free Parking ✔️ Paid Parking ✔️ ℹ️ Access via Funicular

Skiing with Children in Val Thorens

The Val Thorens ski resort is a great destination for families for several reasons. On one hand, it has the Famille Plus certification from the French Ministry of Tourism, ensuring it is a family-friendly space for traveling with children.

This is due to its semi-pedestrianization and car-free streets, creating a calm, friendly, and safe environment, ideal for families with little ones. Additionally, you can park your car in front of your accommodation for unloading, and there is free direct transportation to the slopes. All conveniences are tailored for a family audience.

What is the cost of a ski pass for children in Val Thorens?

  • In Val Thorens, we offer ski pass packages designed for families. On one hand, there is the "family pass," which includes two adults and two or more children aged between 5 and 17. It costs approximately 184 euros for a one-day pass for the entire family.
  • On the other hand, beginners have attractive offers for families, such as free use of surface lifts (Campagnols, Musaraigne, Castor & Pollux), a 50% discount on fees for access to only green and blue slopes with the option to use the 2 Lacs, Cascades, and Caron gondola lifts.

What services are available for children in Val Thorens?

The Val Thorens ski resort, with its great diversity, offers a variety of options for enjoying a snowy trip with the family. It also provides entertainment options for both adults and children, such as spending a night at the cinema.

Ski School 1
Daycare Centers (1-3 years) 2
Blue and green slopes 47
Snow graden or playground  (3-6 years)        2
Surface lifts 4
  • Mini Clubs: Le Montana and Le Roc Ecole Du Ski Français. These are spaces for children to enjoy with specialized monitors while adults have fun on the slopes. They accept children aged 3 to 35 months, offering various indoor activities such as games, drawings, and crafts, as well as outdoor activities like walks, sledding, or short snowshoe walks when weather conditions permit.
  • From the age of three, children are welcome in Val Thorens in two dedicated areas: two secure snow gardens with magic carpets accompanied by children's characters, Monsieur Piou Piou and Madame Marmotte. These spaces are Jardin d’Enfants – Ecole Du Ski Français and Jardin Des Neiges Ecole de Ski Prosneige.
  • Children aged 4 to 12 can spend the day learning with the Ecole du Ski Français (ESF). They can receive exclusive and specialized classes or group lessons for up to 8 students in various disciplines such as skiing, snowboarding, freeriding, freestyling, slalom, Telemark, moguls, or handiski.

Where to go skiing with children in Val Thorens?

  • The green slopes of the Val Thorens ski resort are in the sector that shares the same name, including Voie Lactée, Flocon, Combre de Thorens, 2 combes, and Traversée des 2 lacs. In Plan Bouchet in Orelle, there is a small green area next to the surface lift at 2,350 meters. If children already have some skiing skills, don't miss the opportunity to ski as a family on the long, wide, and easy blue slope of Lory, which starts from Col de Thorens (in Orelle).
  • Furthermore, you shouldn't miss a unique sledding track in France called La Cosmojet, designed for skiers aged 5 to 88. It is a marked track located next to a natural glacier and can be accessed from the Péclet funitel at 3,000 meters. It offers a total of 45 minutes of playful downhill with curves and various slopes. The cost (including sled and helmet) is 17 euros per descent, 25 euros for two descents, and free for children aged 5 to 9 when accompanied by an adult.
  • Night sledding is also an option, a unique family activity that will surely enchant the little ones with its magical atmosphere (costs 24.50 euros).
  • You must not miss the Espace Junior and the VT Fun Ride, a track adapted for the family audience, allowing the little ones to experience their first thrills with adrenaline in the snow. It features very creative modules for their first steps in freestyle.

Après Ski at the Val Thorens Ski Resort

A trip to the snow is not just about skiing, especially when you venture to a ski resort in the incredible French Alps. When the slopes close in Val Thorens, only a part of the day ends; there are still many hours ahead before going to bed that are worth taking advantage of. You can have a drink and extend the night at a bar or nightclub, or engage in some additional sports activities in the fantastic Alpine environment. Another option is to give your body rest and pampering at a wellness center. What do you prefer?

Bars and Party in Val Thorens

  • If you're into partying, you won't be short of options around the Val Thorens ski resort, as it has a very youthful atmosphere. A good place to have a drink and dinner after skiing is l'Auberge des Balcons, next to the Plein Sud lifts, whose bar area closes at midnight.
  • La Folie Douce, the most iconic après-ski in the Alps – La Fruitière starts the après-ski at 2:30 pm with shows, DJ sessions, and live music; the regular group, The Party Makers, has an eclectic music program that fits well in its extravagant setting. Les Enfants Terribles is perfect for those looking for a party atmosphere but with glamour: gourmet dinners and cocktails until late at night. For drinks until 1 am, you have Club 72. In short, we could say that it is one of the best après-ski spots in Europe.

Activities in Val Thorens

You stop skiing, but you don't want to stop doing things. If that's you, you'll be glad to know about the great number of complementary sports activities to skiing offered at the Val Thorens resort. Surely, many of them you have never tried. What are you waiting for? Live these experiences and make your trip fun and unforgettable.

  • The Tyrolienne. It is an incredible 1,300-meter-long flight that lasts only one minute and 45 seconds... very intense, at 100 kilometers per hour. It goes from the top of the Bouchet chairlift (in the Orelle sector) to the Val Thorens ridge, at 3,000 meters altitude, above the Thorens Funitel. It costs 55 euros, and people from 8 to 88 years old can launch.
  • Snowmobile ride. How about exploring the beautiful surroundings of the French Alps on a snowmobile at night? It's a magical experience that can be done alone or with a passenger. Don't worry because you won't get lost: you'll have a guide, so just let yourself be carried away by the sensations. There are three departures at 5:30 pm, 6:45 pm, and 7:55 pm.
  • Bowling. An ideal place to enjoy with groups of friends or to go with family. There are special areas for kids, two billiard rooms (American pool and snooker), a game room, a sports library with free entry, and a sports bar with broadcasts of major sporting events while you have a drink. It closes at 2 am, so it's a good place to stay up late.
  • Ice Diving. Looking for a unique experience? Here it is! Although not classified as an extreme activity, you will experience very strong sensations. Your adrenaline will spike when you dive with your fully sealed equipment under an ice layer... it lasts 20 minutes, during which you will discover a new world with totally natural play of lights and shadows. Your breathing will determine the time. It costs 180 euros, and anyone can participate, without the need for previous diving experience, from 16 years old.
  • Dog Sledding. The Val Thorens resort invites you to discover its surroundings with sleds for a maximum of three people (two adults and a child), and two sleds can go at the same time. Children from two years old can participate.
  • Ice Circuit. If you like driving, don't miss this experience with the Ice Driving Val Thorens team on the highest circuit in Europe. Individual classes, free training, baptisms with professional pilots, and other types of courses are offered. From 16 years old.

Relaxation in Val Thorens

If you've had enough action on the ski slopes, why not relax at one of the numerous relaxation centers near the Val Thorens resort? Note these names: Altapura Spa Pure Altitude, with 1,000 square meters of well-being; Le Spa du Koh-I Nor, a holistic experience; Spa by L'Occitane at the Hotel Le Pashmina, in the heart of the resort; and the Centre Sportif de Val Thorens, Espace Bien-être, also in the center.

Where to Sleep in Val Thorens

The French Alps boast a very extensive hotel infrastructure, so you won't have trouble finding suitable accommodation to match your preferences and budget.

There are various apartments and hotels for staying near the slopes of the Val Thorens ski resort. If you want to leave your car in one of its parking areas and forget about it during your getaway, you'll have everything you need within the complex: entertainment, activities, and relaxation. Here are the accommodations we recommend from their diverse offering of hotels in Val Thorens.

Chamois d’Or Val Thorens

  • Located right by the ski slopes, this charming contemporary hotel offers free Wi-Fi throughout. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary amenities, including TV and rustic wooden decor. There are different types of rooms to suit your needs (charm room, privilege room, rimbambelle room, prestige room, and suites).

Hotel Koh-I Nor Val Thorens

  • A luxurious 5-star accommodation with numerous services: three restaurants (a brasserie and two with international dishes), a lounge bar, an 800-square-meter spa with two pools, and a business center. You'll love its design, combining luxury, gastronomy, and relaxation.
  • All rooms have spectacular views, either of the mountains or the village, and the dreamy bathrooms feature marble, bathrobes, and other complimentary items. You can even enjoy breakfast in bed, as they also serve it in the room. You won't need to leave the hotel to pamper yourself and relax, with a spa equipped with various services, from a salt wall to a hot tub, sauna, or hammam.

Hotel Village Montana

  • This 4-star accommodation is in the heart of Val Thorens, at the foot of the resort's slopes. It offers spacious and fully equipped rooms with a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, and a private balcony with mountain views.
  • It has two bars and four restaurants serving exquisite dishes of traditional and local Savoyard cuisine. Additionally, there's a relaxation area ideal for unwinding after a day of skiing: a spa, oriental hammam, saunas, hot tub, and an outdoor Nordic pool.
  • Novice skiers can benefit from the equipment rental service at the hotel's shop, along with a heated ski storage room to keep your gear warm and covered parking to avoid dealing with ice or snow on your car.

Chalets Montagnettes Lombarde Val Thorens

  • Perfect for those seeking independent accommodation outside a hotel with additional amenities, this residence is just 50 meters from the Val Thorens ski slopes and 100 meters from the town center and shops.
  • The chalets feature a kitchen and a wood-burning fireplace, creating a very homely atmosphere despite being away from home. With free Wi-Fi, paid laundry facilities, family rooms, and pet-friendly accommodations upon request, it's an ideal alternative for families to stay together, cook, and share precious moments.

Chalets de Rosael

  • Lovely apartments with a chalet-style and typical Alpine architecture, located at the foot of the Val Thorens slopes and just 600 meters from the town center. They offer a spacious living area for shared moments and a kitchen area equipped for preparing your own meals, complete with a dishwasher and microwave.
  • The apartments have a private balcony with beautiful views of the Alps, and some even come with a fireplace. Chalets de Rosael provides ski storage lockers, free Wi-Fi, and facilities like an indoor pool, sauna, and hammam. You can also conveniently rent ski equipment without leaving the accommodation, and it has private parking.

Where to eat near the Val Thorens ski resort

Eating in Val Thorens is a sensory experience for all. Here, they embrace what is known as "mountain bistronomy," a mix of great taste and love for the surroundings. There are numerous places to grab a bite: cafes, restaurants, snacks, traditional dishes, homemade meals... Here is the complete offering.

  • La Cave: Original dishes and savoyard specialties. Magrez broths and selected wines from their incredible cellar.
  • Chez Pépé Nicolas, in Chalet Alpino: Located on the La Chasse slope, between Les Menuires and Val Thorens. A restaurant to enjoy local products for lunch or dinner. Don't miss their duck foie gras or traditional Savoyard stews. They also have equally delicious vegan dishes.
  • La Laiterie: Skiing in France ends with fondue, that's a fact. A luxurious space to savor delicious cheeses, champagne, and other regional products.
  • L’Auberge des Balcons: Situated on the Plein Sud blue slope, in a good location for a break between two descents. Offers a skier's menu. Tasty cuisine, sunny slope, and incredible views.
  • Le Diamant Noir: Creative and refined cuisine by Chef Éric Samson. Uses a lot of black truffle and aromatic plants, spices, and mountain herbs. Very tasty recipes. They have a menu, and you can also grab a snack for a quick break.
  • Winter Café: Ideal for enjoying high-quality pizzas, burgers, kebabs, fries... We recommend the Bufala Pizza and the Pepper Bacon Burger.
  • Les Chalets du Thorens: The famous "village of a thousand wonders" has a lounge bar with a DJ, self-service, and a lot of variety: from sushi to wok, pizzas, and Belgian waffles.
  • Le Rendez-Vous: Relaxed atmosphere to eat daily specials, tapas, burgers, pizzas, meats, salads, and Savoyard specialties. At the foot of the slopes, next to the Castor and Pollux lifts.
  • La Paillote: At the foot of the slopes, perfect for tasting their specialties: raclettes, fondues, grilled dishes, as well as snails, frog legs, goat crisp, and knife-cut beef tartare.
  • Chalet des 2 ours: Perfect for those who don't want to stop for long. Try the gratin of crozets with morels and mushrooms. They have homemade charcuterie and a daily special.
  • Le 2 Mille 3: For lovers of the traditional menu. Grilled specialties, Asian wok, and a large selection of pastas and delicious regional cheeses.
  • Chalet de Caron: Your mouth will water at this mountain-style self-service. Quick and high-quality, with a variety of dishes, pasta, grill, pizzas, Savoyard specialties, vegetarian dishes, children's menu... Good price. Accessible via the Cairn blue slope.
  • Restaurant at Hôtel Le Sherpa: Breakfasts, snacks, and dinners with regional and generous cuisine. Smoked raclette, goat raclette, and Savoyard burgers.
  • Club 72 Steak House: For a drink and to taste sirloin, Aubrac beef ribeye, beef tenderloin, or vegetarian dishes.
  • La Folie Douce / La fruitière: Gourmet brasserie with après-ski.
  • La Maison: Spectacular restaurant in the heart of the Val Thorens station. Its most celebrated dish is the daily stew, perfect for hungry skiers. They also have pizzas and other dishes.
  • Les Aiguilles de Péclet: Gourmet cuisine at 3,000 meters altitude, at the foot of the glacier. Spectacular. Accessed by the Péclet funitel. Self-service restaurant and house specialties.
  • Les Enfants Terribles: A very chic high mountain brasserie. Open until late at night. Try the lobster roll, sole, scallop carpaccio, or their beef tenderloin. High quality.


Find a hotel or appartment package in Val Thorens with ski passes

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Why book a hotel plus ski pass or appartment package in Val Thorens?

There are many reasons why it's worth booking a package including hotel and ski pass or appartment + ski pass in Val Thorens with Estiber. First of all, it is a specialised company that has been working in the industry since 1986, so it has a long history that helps you get great discounts on ski deals in Val Thorens with hotel and ski pass.

So you'll get a great price on a trip to the French Alps with a package of ski pass plus accommodation in Val Thorens. It's a lot cheaper than if you booked each element on your own: the ski pass and the accommodation, you can easily check it out by taking a look at the offers. The offers will bring you closer to the snow destination you've always dreamed of.

Remember that these plans are not closed: the packs can be configured to your preferences. You decide when you want to travel to the French Alps: a week of skiing or special dates, to experience Christmas, for example, surrounded by a dream landscape? Also, thanks to the resort's altitude - between 1,260 and 3,230 metres - the ski season here is very long. You can also choose the type of accommodation for your snow holiday: whether you want a hotel with great facilities or a flat with ski pass in Val Thorens that will make you feel at home with a living room and fully equipped kitchen at the foot of the slopes.

Another advantage of the hotels in Val Thorens with ski pass is that you will save time by having it in just one click. You won't have to make reservations on different websites and you won't have to worry about renting equipment if you need it: you can include it in the package. Moreover, you will have a single contact person, the Estiber agency. This means that all the doubts, clarifications or solutions to any problem that may arise can be easily solved with a single contact, and not by calling several sites that refer you to different contact persons. It's all very convenient!

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When does the 2024-2025 season start and end in Val Thorens?

The Val Thorens resort opens its doors on November and the planned date for the end of the season will be at the end of May.

How many skiing kilometres and slopes does Val Thorens have?

The Val Thorens resort currently has 150 km of skiable areas spread over 78 tracks of all levels: 11 green, 29 blue, 30 red and 8 black.

Does it have Snow Parks and an off-piste area?

Yes, the Val Thorens resort has a SnowPark and off-piste area.

What is the best time of year to ski in Val Thorens?

The months of December to February. At Estiber you will find special offers for Christmas, New Year's Eve, Epiphany, long weekends and other special dates.

Are there rental services for ski equipment, restaurants, and others?

The Val Thorens resort has 9 ski schools and childcare services. It also has cafes and restaurants.

Why book a package in Val Thorens?

The best way to save money and get low prices for skiing is to book a package to Val Thorens including a hotel, ski pass and any other extras you wish. The ski packs offer different advantages: The price is cheaper than booking just a trip to the snow, you save time, it offers security as you will have a single contact and if there is no snow, you can use Estiber's snow guarantee to cancel safely.