Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How I can make a reservation?

For booking you can use different ways:

  • Booking on-line:
  • Office: C/ Casanova, 101 (08011 – Barcelona)
  • Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., from Monday to Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Summer)
  • Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday to Friday (Winter)
  • Email:
  • Tel. +0034.934548308

Necessary information for booking:

  • Name, surname and e-mail
  • Name and type of accommodation.
  • Date of entry and departure.
  • Days of arrival and departure at the hotel and days of the chosen services.
  • Number of adults and children (age of children), and distribution in each type of accommodation.
  • In the case of renting equipment, specify whether it is Ski or Snowboard.
  • In the case of hiring insurance, specify name and surnames.

How to proceed a booking on-line?

In most of our programs can use this system (Andorra weekends, Christmas and Epiphany, bank holidays and Easter both in Andorra and French Alps and skiing in Andorra Weeks). Directly from the Website you will access the booking system coming into our database quota of rooms and apartments. Payment is made using credit card (you can make full payment or you can make a first payment and the rest of the payment until 15 days before departure, accessing your reservation number to "pay booking" our website, any registered can access the payment of its own and it is not necessary to make all the reservation, once full payment there of may be printed acquired travel documents (hotel and other service voucher ). This is a secure system since the payment is made by credit card through the payment gateway of the bank itself.

How to proceed a reservation by phone?

To make reservations by phone, call our Booking Department at
Payment is by credit card or by deposit in the account provided . It can make full payment or a deposit, if the fare allows it, and rest of the booking should be paid before of departure date. To receive the vouchers the booking must be fully paid. The vouchers will be sent by e-mail.

How to proceed a reservation by e-mail?

To make a reservation by e-mail, send an email to specifying destination, dates, contact number and names of people, complementary services and contact number.
Booking department, once it is received, will contact you as soon as possible.

How to proceed the payments?

Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit or debit cards and cash if you are booking in our offices.

The customer's enrollment in the reserve and reserve for consideration by the firm, requires payment of a sum equivalent to 30% of total trip price. The remaining 70% must be paid at least 15 days before departure.

Which kind of credit cards are accepted?

We accept all credit cards, except American Express

How are payments made with transfer from the website?

To make a reservation from the website through bank transfer, you must complete all the steps of the reservation and reach the last step, the payments. At this point you have to select the option "Bank Transfer". Payment by transfer must be made at the latest 24 hours after the creation of the reservation and it is essential to put the reservation number in the concept of the transfer. Otherwise, our system will automatically cancel the reservation. Once the transfer is made, an email with the copy of the transfer must be sent to

I called the hotel and don't know anything about my reservation. Why is that?

The hotels that we hired a guaranteed quota of rooms. But if you get in contact with the hotel quickly, the data have not yet crossed our system. No need to worry, once we confirm the reservation will be guaranteed. We will inform the hotel in advance.

Why you have to specify the age of the children?

Each hotel has their own discount policy for children . For this reason when you are looking for a hotel, asks for the number of children who accompany them, and their ages.

But comes the confirmation email or lose the voucher of service, can I print another copy?

Go to the online booking section within the skiing page. Through the section "Payment of reserves," entering the email of the customer file and the number of the reservation, go to a section of the voucher print.

I need to confirm the booking directly with the hotel?

It's not necessary to confirm the reservation. You only need to print the voucher services.

Are my data secure credit card protected?

We are compromised to protecting the privacy of our customers. When making payment, card details are sent through the payment gateway of the banc.
In addition we protect any personal information you provide and we do not safe your credit card number in our system. It is only recorded in the Banc system.

Whyt it's better to book in advance?

It is advisable that you make your reservation as soon as possible to ensure you have a place anywhere. Know that the snow season is short, the dates are often controversial and there are a wider audience. Book as soon as possible to avoid run out of places. In addition, there are many "Early booking" rates, which are only applicable by booking in advance. Also keep in mind that hotel rates are dynamic today, so prices can vary depending on the demand and are usually increasing as the date of the trip begins.

When and Where are travel documents delivered?

The documentation (vouchers) have to be delivered at the destination, and it's specify on the voucher.

Groups booking?

Through our specialized department in groups, organize and reserve personalized programs to each group, including tour guides, transports, hire, courses, accommodation, etc...

Travelling in a group is fun and has its advantages: personalized programs with lower prices.

It is considered a group any reservation from 20/25 people.

Which kind of programs exist?

Estiber Travel agency has the following types of programs:

  •         Bank holidays and week of the "Inmaculada" in the French Alps.
  •         Bank holidays and week of the "Immaculada" in Andorra.
  •         Ski Andorra weekend by Bus.
  •         Ski weekend in Andorra by car.
  •         Ski weekend in the Pyrenees (Lleida, Huesca, France).
  •         Christmas and Epiphany in Andorra.
  •         Christmas and Epiphany in the French Alps.
  •         Christmas and Epiphany in the French Pyrenees.
  •         Ski Trips (2, 3, 4 days) Andorra
  •         Ski Week in Andorra.
  •         Ski Weeks in Baqueira - Beret.
  •         Ski weeks in the French Pyrenees.
  •         Ski weeks in the French Alps.
  •         Ski weeks in the French Alps and luxury villas.
  •         Ski weeks in the Italian Alps.
  •         Skiing - Schools.

What includes the price?

All prices are per person.

We can not generalize, because the price includes certain services depending on the program.
None of our programs mentioned above, has included ski insurance (accident) on the price (except the program “Ski-Cole” is optional on other outputs).

How to choose the accommodation?

Both the website and in the catalog, you will find a description of all hotels and apartments, which informs about the location and the services they offer.
Also, our department will advise on Booking hotels and apartments to find the best one for your needs.

The schedule for entry and leaving the accomodation?

Hours depends on the accommodation:
In the apartments, the entrance are usually from 17.00 and departures at 11.00.
In hotels the entrance are usually from 15.00 and departures at 12.00, often, hotels change the schedule.

What does cabin means?

The existence of a small gap where you have placed a bunk bed, is usual in many mountain apartments. This cabin is separated from public areas of the apartment through a door or curtain.

There is a finnal cleaning in the apartments?

Most apartments do not include daily cleaning and final cleaning, the customer must leave the apartment in good cleanning conditions.

In many apartments can be hired (with extra payment) the final cleaning of the apartment.

You need a deposit for the apartment?

Most the apartments need a deposit.

It requires a deposit per apartment and will be returned upon leaving the apartment, as long as this in perfect state of cleanliness and conservation. The deposit can be made in cash or by credit card.

The value of the bond is based on the apartment type, grade and residence (owner).

Which equipment has the apartments?

The type of equipment found in the apartments varies according to the category. Most of the apartments have fully equipped kitchen with microwave, electric cooking, cleaning utensils, fridge, ... Many apartments have television. The decor changes depending on the category and the qualities of house. Most apartments in the French Alps has shower and separate toilet (except in Studio 2 / 4 people ), while in Andorra has a full bath.

This included the insurance?

In none of our packages is included the ski / snowboard insurance and also travel insurance.

There is an optional insurance that the customer can get it at the same time of the booking, paying the appropriate amount. This insurance has a coverage that is delivered to the customer together with the documentation.

Why is it important to have an insurance?

Insurance Ski / Snowboard is a basic and indispensable for a snow holiday. Accidents in the world of Ski / Snowboard is a reality. Having a snow insurance is to have a effective assistance on the slopes, a group of doctors at the ski station and you'll have a quick repatriation in case of serious accident.
Most clinics and nursing stations are private, also have being the emergency services and rescue private, those situations that would be covered with the optional insurance we offer.

How does the insurance work?

Any accident that happens to the insured must be reported to the insurance company as soon as possible.
From the moment that this is notice to the company they study with severity the accident and will make available to the insured the necessary assistance.
It is advisable that the insured keep all invoices relating to the accident to be submitted later to the company for the refund.