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Webcams in Astún-Candanchú

Before travelling to the ski resort of Astún, we can have a live panoramic view to help us prepare our suitcase. Thanks to the Astún webcams, we will have an open window onto the mountains, from which we can check what awaits us on the slopes: snow, weather, temperatures, etc.

Webcams in Astún

Canal Roya


Cima Raca

N-330 - Cruce Candanchú

N-330 - Tunel Somport

N-330 - Villanua


Ts Águila

Webcams in Candanchú


N-330 - Carretera de acceso

N-330 - Frontera Somport

N-330 - Tunel Somport

N-330 - Villanua

Pista Grande - Aralar

Tobazo - La Cleta

Tobazo - Panorámica

Tuca Blanca

Information on the Astún-Candanchú live webcams

The Astún resort is in a dream location for ski lovers: the Aragón valley, where other resorts such as Formigal and Candanchú are located. The slopes of Astún are in a beautiful landscape and it has one of the best areas for beginners. So if you're going with a group of beginners, there are few better destinations than this one, and it's known for having plenty of powder snow, a skier's delight.

Astún has a total of 61 slopes of all levels of difficulty spread over 50 skiable kilometres, as well as more than 900 metres of vertical drop. These figures guarantee days of great fun in the snow.

But the figures are very cold. Do you want to see the resort live with the Astún webcams? Now, thanks to the Astún webcams, we can have a true and real image of what is happening on the slopes, the number of visitors, what the landscapes are like, how much snow we will find, or what the weather is like right now. Don't miss the details of anything. These are all the Astún webcams, with still images of the surrounding area:

  • Webcam Truchas. A panoramic view of the beautiful lake located at an altitude of 2.144 metres.
  • Prado Blanco webcam. It offers us constantly updated images of an area at an altitude of 2.000 metres.
  • Webcam Sarrios-Águila. Another live perspective of Astún webcams, also from 2.000 metres above sea level.
  • Webcam Canal Roya. Camera of the valley that separates the mountains of the Astún cirque from the Anayet, at around 2.000 metres.
  • Águila chairlift webcam. Views that are frequently updated from 2.140 metres, where the route of this Astún chairlift ends.