Ski offers Epiphany

What better gift from christmas than a trip to your favorite ski resort in epiphany? Or why not try a new destination and let yourself be surprised by other routes? Whatever your choice, if you have managed to gather a few holidays in the first week of January, here you will find hotel + ski pass offers in Andorra, the Alps, the French Pyrenees, the Catalan Pyrenees, the Aragonese Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada. Reserve now!

Themed ski resorts


Traveling to the snow for epiphany is not like doing it any weekend. It is a special, magical date, where everyone will enjoy as children: big and small. These are ideal days for family sports, although the party and cultural activities will not be lacking, so it is also a good opportunity to go as a couple or in a group of friends.

No matter what ski destination you have chosen, they will all offer - for sure - specific activities related to Christmas and the arrival of the Three Kings. You can see Their Majesties with skis in some seasons, and in others, party, music and even gymkhana.

Andorra, Alps, Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada ...


No destination is better than another to ski in Kings. You should get an idea that the clues and above all, the temperature, can vary a lot. Although we are also in January, it will not be the same clothes that we have to take for a getaway in Reyes to the Sierra Nevada snow that we do in the Alps. Adjust your destiny to what you have, or to the material that you have thought to buy. In any case, think you can always rent at the station.

The Pyrenees - in its Aragonese, Catalan, French or Andorran slopes - is always a good option for skiing in Reyes. Although if you prefer a destination closer to the party and tapas, travel south to the Sierra Nevada station: you will be surprised by its kilometers of tracks. If your budget allows it - how does it not? Have not you seen these offers? - a place that never disappoints and will leave you speechless are the Alps. If you've never been, why not give yourself a break to this prestigious snowy area?

Remember to follow the rules of companionship and safety on tracks ... or the Kings will bring you coal!

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