Holidays to Puy du Fou, Toledo

Puy du Fou Spain is a park concept that combines history and nature, fun and spectacle, stalls and workshops that will bring us closer to old customs and delicacies that are part of our past. Don't miss these offers at Puy du Fou with tickets and hotel for a unique and immersive experience.

What you need to know before going to Puy du Fou in Toledo

Puy du Fou: a journey through the history of Spain

Puy du Fou is a new model of theme park that takes you on a journey through the history of what is now known as Spain. The Toledo Mountains are home to a haven from the past that takes us through worlds and eras that we must not forget because they shape our current culture, knowledge and traditions, from the Iberians to the Arabs. They say that it is important to know where we come from in order to know where we are going. Now it is easy and economical to go with the Puy du Fou packs with hotel and tickets.

In the Puy du Fou park, the attractions are the Alijares, which are grazing lands that have been used for centuries and where today we can interact with small flocks of sheep and donkeys; stalls and workshops where we can learn about the gastronomic traditions of the peninsula or remember the importance of the business of helmets and jewellery, leather manuscripts or learn about the role of the maravedí, with its knowledge of trade routes and maps of hidden treasures. In Puy du Fou, there are also ancient villages that will captivate you as you stroll through their streets, as if time had never gone by. There are also inns and manor houses where you can have a bite to eat, in an atmosphere that totally recreates historical moments from the past.

But the great attraction of Puy du Fou is undoubtedly the shows: there are daytime shows, immersive shows and the impressive night-time show The Dream of Toledo, in which 200 actors and actresses take us on a journey through 1,500 years of history, from the reign of Recaredo to the Navas de Tolosa, including the discovery of America and the arrival of the railway in Spain.

The best way to take this journey through history is by booking a package at Puy du Fou with tickets and hotel. It will be much cheaper than booking each product on your own and you will save time comparing prices. There are many hotels near Puy du Fou, of different categories, both in Toledo and in the surrounding area, which will provide you with the opportunity to stay until the end, until the night show. Check out the hotel plus ticket offers at Puy du Fou.

Puy du Fou is just outside Toledo and less than an hour's drive from Madrid. To get there by car, take Exit 13 on the CM40 road; the park has free parking for visitors. You can also take the train to Toledo, where you can catch a taxi, which will drop you off at the historic park in less than 10 minutes. If you are flying, the nearest airport is Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas. Once there, you can stay in hotels near Puy du Fou.

The five historical villages of Puy du Fou

The Puy du Fou Spain park is a concept of leisure complex in the heart of nature, in the Toledo Mountains, which allows us to travel through history through different eras. Its surprising shows help us to immerse ourselves in other times, but also its inns and manor houses serving traditional food, its artisans' workshops, its fields and its animals.

For this purpose, five historical villages have been designed and represented in a very faithful way that will make you feel as if you were a contemporary of the time. Strolling through the streets you can admire beautifully recreated buildings, characters dressed for the occasion, workshops for children and adults related to that historical period and even taste delicacies from centuries ago. These are all the villages of Puy du Fou:

  • The Andalusian Askar. In this historic village of Puy du Fou you will have the chance to enter an authentic Arab camp. It recreates that of the great Caliph Abderraman III on the Castilian plateau. His troops have lost the Campaign of Omnipotence, but Cordoba continues to maintain its glory intact and this can be seen in this area with luxurious palaces, enormous silk tents, war banners and tents that bring back the aroma of Medina Azahara. A space that will make us relive the splendour of Al-Andalus and its exquisite culture, consult books brought from different parts of the world, as well as taste the delicacies of its exotic cuisine with Persian touches.
  • La Puebla Real. The story goes that, when the armies of Alfonso VI entered Toledo, many troops were discharged and the monarch gave land to his best free men. It was in the vicinity of Guajaraz, near the walls of the castle built by the troops of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, which became known as the Puebla Real. Its architecture is made up of stone walls and old wood, as well as arched doorways and ancient roofs. This is where the city's best master craftsmen settled, from potters to embroiderers and damascene makers. A place to visit curious sites such as the Casa del Judío or the Salón de Armas, or to taste the best wines at the hands of Tuerto Miguel in his Bodeguita.
  • La Venta de Isidro. Here you will enter a frontier land where a couple, María and Isidro, arrived almost with one hand in front and the other behind. They settled with four hens and a goat and sowed the field. The gamble worked out well for them: they prospered and today it is a place of passage that welcomes travellers and offers them a place to rest and have a drink on their way. A Puy du Fou village where you will feel like travellers of yesteryear and where you will be able to sample local gastronomic treasures, such as oil from its olive-oil mill, old-fashioned wines, fresh cheese and local La Mancha meats. A realistic approach to the simple, rural life of the Middle Ages.
  • The Arrabal. In this village of Puy du Fou we will enter the place where people of all origins and cultures carried out their commercial activities. There is no town that did not have its suburb or outside the walls, where the taverns and stalls of traders and craftsmen were erected to make the wait to enter the city more bearable. The place where outsiders rested, chatted with the locals and had a drink. Of course, all controlled under the strict watchful eye of the bailiff. It is inspired by 13th century Spain and here you can enjoy grilled meats and vegetables at El Rincón del Herrero or quench your thirst with craft beer at El Llagar de Covadonga.
  • Villanueva del Corral. Where there used to be a humble inn, today there is a great Corral de Comedias by order of the emperor Charles V. This village of Puy du Fou España mixes culture with war, as it takes us to a place where the arts and weapons shine. It symbolises a heroic and loyal town that represented the greatness of the Habsburg empire and was the birthplace of heroes and writers who have gone down in history. Stroll through its streets and balconies and visit its "mentidero", its public theatre, as well as its Bodegón and tascas... a set of elements that will make you relive that glorious period in the Montes de Toledo in a very faithful way.

All the shows at Puy du Fou

The historical villages, its taverns and the different activities in the park help us to experience an immersive journey through Spain's past. However, Puy du Fou's shows are its greatest asset and its greatest attraction. One of the highlights is El Sueño de Toledo, the star of the show, which takes place at night in a magical atmosphere. But it is not the only one. These are all the shows in the park:
  • A Pluma y Espada. We go to an episode in Toledo in 1592, in the middle of the Golden Age. The well-known play Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega is performed for the first time in the Gran Corral de Comedias, generating great expectation. But in the past, the theatre was not just a place to enjoy the performance: it was also a place for swordsmen to fight. And that is what is performed here, accompanied by a fabulous choreography with Andalusian horses and dancers from Toledo.
  • El Último Cantar. Get closer to the legend of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar with this show by Puy du Fou. It is an unusual theatre never seen before in Spain, in which visitors will be able to see live the amazing exploits of this great historical legend. This character forged his legend through deeds in a fragmented Castile and never forgot his vows as a knight. He is a myth that will live on as long as his "last song" can be heard in some square.
  • Cetrería de Reyes. One of the children's favourite Puy du Fou shows because it includes the participation of birds, which will perform amazing manoeuvres: falcons, serpentaries, cranes, owls, eagles and even kites. This show takes us back to the year 939, when the troops of the Caliphate of Cordoba fought with the Castilians in a very peculiar way... with a peaceful and beautiful gesture such as the flight of their birds. A majestic aerial display not to be missed.
  • Allende La Mar Océana. An unmissable show in the Toledo park that brings us, live and direct, one of the most important feats in the history of Spain: the voyage and subsequent discovery of America in 1492, with a fleet commanded by Christopher Columbus. They set sail thanks to funding from Castile. This immersive show recreates the entire journey on the high seas: from the initial hopes to the anguish of the crew, who watched the days and weeks go by without reaching port... and, of course, the magical moment when the sailors shouted: "Land!
  • El Misterio de Sorbaces. An interpretation that takes us back to the story of Francisco Morales, a resident of Guadamur, in 1858. This man discovered a precious Visigothic treasure with crowns of fine gold, pearls and sapphires... which ended up being sold and kept in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid and in the Cluny Museum in Paris. However, to date, the intrigues surrounding their curious shapes have not yet been deciphered, nor has any answer been given as to why there was a royal basilica in this place.
  • De Tal Palo. A Puy du Fou family show that brings us closer to the 80 generations of Julián Guitérrez and his relationship with wood. With him we will travel through different historical events and elements that have marked the history of Spain, such as the defence of Numancia, the sacred cave of Covadonga, the battle of Navas de Tolosa, the War of Independence or the surrender of Granada.
  • El Bodegón del Capitán. A fun Puy du Fou show with which we go to a typical tavern at the end of the 16th century. We will attend a meal with a captain of the Tercios Viejos full of surprises. He will tell us about the little stories that led him to run a tavern in Villanueva del Corral, which is the resting place of all the veterans returning from Flanders. His next challenges do not include conquests in the military field, but in the field of love: he intends to seduce Ana 'La Galveña' by using his fame and organising a surprise marriage proposal banquet.
  • El Sueño de Toledo. This is the Puy du Fou show par excellence. It takes place at night and is unique in the world: in an indescribable way, it brings to life 1.500 years of Spanish history, from the reign of Recaredo to the Navas de Tolosa, the discovery of America and the arrival of the railway. There are 70 minutes with the participation of 200 actors and many special effects on a stage of five hectares.
The Puy du Fou park, in Toledo, is a complex full of emotions to enjoy, at least for a whole day. And when we say "full day", we mean literally: morning, afternoon and evening, since the moment it gets dark is when the main attraction arrives, the show The Dream of Toledo. So you'll have to book a hotel + tickets at Puy du Fou.

Which areas are the best to sleep in because of their proximity to the park? Puy du Fou is in the natural area of the Montes de Toledo, on the outskirts of the historic city. Access to the park is via the CM40 (Exit 13). There is free parking for visitors in an area that opens half an hour before the park opens and remains open until one hour after the park closes. Motorhomes are allowed, but overnight stays are not permitted.

Therefore, the best place to sleep near Puy du Fou is Toledo. It is the destination par excellence as, in addition to travelling through the history of Spain, you can take advantage of your stay to discover its renowned historic centre and other attractions of the city. And all this just 10 minutes by car from the park. On the roads towards Toledo there are also accommodation options if you prefer to stay close to Puy du Fou rather than in the middle of the city.

If you prefer rural accommodation in a quieter village or area, you can look at Argés, which is just 6 kilometres from Puy du Fou and has all the services, or Cobisa, just a little further away. Guadamur is another village on the outskirts of the park where you can stay and still be in a very medieval atmosphere, as it has a peculiar and well-preserved residential castle from the 15th century, as well as being close to the archaeological site of Guarrazar. Those travelling to Puy du Fou from the east can stay in Ocaña, 60 kilometres away, a town in the province of Toledo with a spectacular main square and several interesting buildings.

On the other hand, there are those who take advantage of a trip to Madrid to spend the day at the Puy du Fou park. The fact is that the complex, which allows you to relive the history of Spain, is not far from the capital: you'll be there in just 55 minutes by car. This makes it a good day trip. However, if you stay for the El Sueño de Toledo show, bear in mind that you will have to drive back at night. A similar distance away is Talavera de la Reina, a charming city with plenty of tourist attractions to round off a trip to Puy du Fou.
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