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We often think of adventure and family as enemies. That's because we don’t know Naturlandia, the Andorra’s AdventuresPark, where we can enjoy ourselves whatever our age is. Slide the tobotronc, throw yourself in zip, scale the climbing wall or enjoy one of the many activities the park offers. All are suitable for children and adults. Estiber provides you a hotel night.

Want more? If you fancy a funny day with your friends, you can also book a paintball session. Choose your adventure with Estiber.

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Discover all the activities of Naturland

Inflatables Naturland

Playground where children discover feelings, develop their psychomotor and move with complete freedom and safety. In this protected area, the children will have fun playing in a large inflatable castles of all shapes and colors. Priority for children under 9 years old. Park reserves the right to limit/control the access of children to the activity in days of strong influx of visitors.

Minigolf Naturland

With friends or family, young and old enjoy one run through this game with 12 holes with different wooden obstacles to overcome.

Hiking Naturland

The route of bunkers, a route directed by our monitors, enriching in terms of flora and fauna, and cultural level, the buildings are from the Spanish Civil War.
The route take us to visit some of the bunkers, which are easily accessible. In addition to bunkers, the visit take us to sites in the environment, such as Shelter Rock De Pimes, channel Cabora, the plateau of Cuca, the hill and the Collada de Cuca Sarset. Our tour guide will explain during all the peculiarities of the area, as well as the names of the different bunkers found. Return to the park, passing by way of the Fountain of Carriers.
Surely this visit will take us into the story and remember the flora and fauna, as well as enriching the stories that our guide will explain.

Aitrekk + Zipline Naturland

The biggest SKY TRAIL of Europe a structure with 10 towers 13.5 meters high 54 different elements with 3 levels of difficulty. Test your balance and have fun.
Up to Airtrekk a route between ropes, platforms and walkways equipped with a harness and joined by a 100% effective safety guide. Explore new sensations and live an unforgettable experience in a mountain environment.

Buggies Naturland

The buggy trips are a unique way to know the most emblematic places around the Rabassa and Pic Negre. You will be accompanied by a specialized instructor jogging routes in a natural environment, including roads and mountain forests. Enjoy unique sensations.
* Drivers: must be 18+ and have a driving license.

Tobotronc Naturland

One of the main attractions at Naturlandia is the longest nature toboggan in the world, with a distance of 5.3 km. Tobotronc offers a journey through the woods sitting on a two-seater sled that you control at all times. A new way to discover the nature of the Rabassa and mountains of Andorra.
Children 1,20 m tall and up to 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years.
Children with a height less than 1.20 m may not perform the activity.
Information: the tobotronc is an activity that does not make link between sectors of the 1600 level at elevation 2000. The link between the two sectors is only by road. In case of rain or snow, and for safety reasons, the park may decide to close the activity, without notice.

Farm School Naturland

The farm school is the space where you can interact with different animals. Our instructors will be able to explain what is an animal farm and what are its features that we provide, or what use we make of them, working and crafts and customs of the country. It will certainly be one of the most attractive areas for children.

Kids Buggy Naturland

Activity where children can test their driving skills in a 4X4 vehicle buggies, driving on a circuit controlled at all times by a specialized instructor.
  • The highest of the 1’20m,  can drive the vehicle, accompanied by an adult over 18 years.
  • All children under 1’20m may do the activity next to an adult, 18 years,  that drives the vehicle.

Archery Naturland

Expert instructors will explain the basic techniques of this discipline; they wil explain you the rules of use and you’ll have the opportunity to practice archery, one of the oldest activities which has accompanied human beings in history.

* Children accompanied by an adult

Pedals Jeep Naturland

Obstacle course with a pedal kart vehicle. Cross obstacles and test your perspicacity.

Activity for adults and children.

  • Children from 6 years old may do this activity alone.
  • Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult from 18 years old.

Trampolines Naturland

This activity allows children to have fun in all likelihood try the moves they want and without danger. It is a physical activity that will entertain.

Paintball Naturland

Paintball is a fun practice in which the strategy and teamwork play have an important role. Shoot paint balls against obstacles integrated in the middle of the forest. Share this activity with a group of friends or family. The adrenaline is guaranteed.

* Minimum 6 people / older than 14 years (under authorization from parents / guardians) .In smaller groups, we need the presence of an accompanying adult over 18 years.

Tubby Naturland

The Tubby is a mountain slide, with a pronounced slope, turns and elevation changes. You will be sitting on top of a tire-shaped “donut” and glides down the slide, either on snow in winter, or the synthetic strip the rest of the year. It is certainly an activity for lovers of strong sensations.

Mini tubby Naturland

This activity suggests children go down a ramp of 70 meters above a tire. Enjoy the activity, holding well and protected at all times for protection mats. The fun is guaranteed!

The Minitubby is a mountain slide for children between the ages 3 years  to 1’20m high.

Interpretation Nature Center Naturland

Know deeply the diversity of the flora and fauna of La Rabassa forest. You learn how to respect nature and you can put it into practice.

The nature interpretation center is a space dedicated to knowledge and respect for the natural environment. You can observe plants, fossils, geological bends to, insects, and how follow animal tracks on trees, snow and earth. This is a recommended educational activity for schools, groups and families.

* Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Baby Park Naturland

The park has a small playground with swing, slide and play area.

* Area without surveillance monitors.

Ponies Naturland

This activity allows the kids live unique emotions through contact with the animal. The adult accompanying the child has the pony grabbed at all times, and the guide within the circuit.

Children from 3 years old and under 1.20 m height can enjoy this activity, walking atop a pony, and always accompanied by an adult, within a circuit equipped and supervised by our monitors.

Practical information:

Participation conditions: People younger than 18 years old have to be accompanied by an adult. You have to check the height and weight conditions for each activity.

Equipment: Confortable clothes are needed to practice outdoor activities.

Other information: Children: from 3 to 11 years old, Adults: from 12 to 59 years old, Senior: more than 60 years old


Summer: from 10am to 6pm. August, from 10am to 7pm

Winter: from 10am to 5pm


The park is divided into two areas differentiated by their altitude. One is “cota 1600”, it means 1600m of altitude,  where we have  mainly amb most popular activities, and the second area is “cota 2000” which means 2000m of altitude,  and  where we have the activities of routes and circuits  around forests and the animal park. The two areas are connected by road, with a distance of 8 km.

“cota 1600” is 8 km from Sant Julià de Lòria, and 15 km from the center of the capital, Andorra La Vella.

“cota 2000” is 8km from “cota 1600”, and 16 km from Sant Julià de Lòria, or 23km from Andorra la Vella.

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