Offers Caldea Premium (Inúu), your spa in Andorra

Inúu is the space reserved for adults of Caldea, the spa of Andorra. If you are looking for the most exclusive relax, this is your option. And for this we bring you the best deals on tickets and packages plus hotel to Inúu. Enjoy wellness and the most specialized treatments in a relaxed environment. This VIP space guarantees your reunion with well-being, silence and relaxation.

Travel information for Caldea Premium, the new Inúu

Spaces and facilities

Ú TERMAL - thermal baths

  • Inside Laguna: at 32-33 ° C. Conformed by three lagoons with waterfalls, swan necks and jets of different pressures for different parts of the body.
  • Outside Laguna: sun, hot springs and the Pyrenee's fresh air. Enjoy bubble beds, jets of different pressures, gooseneck, the Berlingot area...

Ú LOUNGE - Relaxation

  • Heated loungers with music and a calmed environment.

Ú CARE - Treatment cabins area

  • Conformed by 4 petals with cabins:
  • Emotions petal: bunk cabins equipped with water and a colorful game for massages.
  • Hydrothermal petal: treatments under water and hot tubs.
  • Beauty petal: designed to enhance your appearance.
  • Asian petal: exotic treatments and massages.

Ú&Ú - The VIP space

The Private Wellness u & u is the most exclusive space reserved for couples or groups of up to 4 people. There you can enjoy with treatments, sauna, showers with water jets games and color, hammam, jacuzzi, heated loungers ...

Ú BALANCE - Space for activating the body

Reactivate your body after relaxation in the gym Caldea Premium (Inúu), a huge loft space of over 1,200 m2 with the most innovative equipment from Technogym. It has got 5 areas (fitness / cardio / arke-functional / suspension / Easyline) and a supervised activities room.

Gastronomy area

Caldea Premium (Inúu) has a menu designed by a chef and nutritionists and consisting of only healthy foods.

Sensory Treatments

30 minutes
  • Partial massage: Back and legs, relaxing or energetic.
  • Asian massage
· Shiatsu: relaxation through pressure on energy points (Japanese technique).
· Padabhyanga: Hindu relaxing foot massage (ayurveda technique).
· Shiroabhyanga: Indian head massage energy (ayurveda technique).
  • Reflexology: Relaxation pressure on reflex points of the feet.
60 minutes
  • General massage: Of all the body; relaxing or relieving.
  • Complete Assian Massage
· Shiatsu: relaxation through pressure on energy points (Japanese technique).
· Padabhyanga: Hindu relaxing foot massage (ayurveda technique).
· Shiroabhyanga: Indian head massage energy (ayurveda technique).
  • Massage 4 hands: Throughout the body and performed synchronously by two specialists.
90 minutes
  • Geothermal Massage: With hot and cold basalt stones, to relax tense muscles.
  • Abhyanga Ubtan: Facial and body exfoliation followed by an Indian moisturizing (ayurvedic technique).

Aqua Treatments

30 minutes
  • Yuthai: Relaxing movements in assisted flotation.
  • Partial massage underwater: Made in a bed under a horizontal shower of thermal water
60 minutes
  • Underwater body massage: Made in a bed under a horizontal shower of thermal water with body peeling and oil massage.
  • Grapefruits bath and aromatic massage: Individual color aerobath in natural grapefruits to soften skin. Afterwards, you'll get a 45 min massage with citrus scent.
90 minutes
  • African Gommage: Sesión hammam seguida de una exfoliación realizada con guante de crin y jabón negro, bajo una ducha horizontal y con la aplicación de aceite de argán.

Body and mind treatments

30 minutes
  • Makki-Ho: Stretching by a Japanese technique.
  • Personal training: A personalized fitness class to improve physical conditioning, adapted to all levels.
  • Yoga (Surya Namascar): Set of moves to get started in yoga, filled with energy.
60 minutes
  • Personal training: A personalized exercise class to improve physical conditioning, adapted to all levels.
  • Aqua Pilates: Harmonious Pilates exercises practiced underwater to gain precision in movements and gain body awareness through breathing.
  • Easy-line ® Gym and massage: Supervised complete circuit training. Effective for all fitness levels + 15 min massage chair Amma to recover.
90 minutes
  • Personal Training in couples: A custom class full of exercises to improve fitness, adapted to all levels and made in  couples. It is complemented by a recovery 30 min massage, both in couples.

Beauty Treatments

30 minutes
  • The Cure: Treatment that cleans and detoxifies the skin. You'll get a smooth and revitalized skin as well as bright and fresh.
60 minutes
  • O2 Relax: Treatment that releases pure oxygen molecules in the skin and provides you with energy to cells and helps you to detox your pores to reach a state of purity and relaxation.
90 minutes
  • Diamond Lífting Multisensorial: Multisensory cosmetic lifting that works from the deeper layers to regenerate and stimulate the skin.

Nutrition Treatments

30 minutes
  • Nutritional Profile: Get to know your constitution and different levels of muscle, fluid and body fat as well as their distribution.
60 minutes
  • Nutriplan: Nutritional counseling to organize and understand the power of nutrition in a custom, easy and fun way. 4 goals: sport / slim / balance / antiox
90 minutes
  • Nutriplan + specific massage: Nutriplan treatment plus a more specific local massage based on the results of Nutriplan.

Schedules and requirements

  • December 26 to March 28: Every day 10 h - 24 h
  • March 29 to June 24:

· Monday to Friday 11 h - 19 h

· Saturday 10 h - 24 h

· Sunday 10 h - 22 h

  • April 18 to June 25: Every day 11 h - 19 h
  • June 25 to November 30:

· Sunday to Friday 10.00 - 22.00 h

· Saturday and August 10.00 h - 24.00 h

*Special Schedule:

  • December 25, Caldea Premium (INÚU) closed all day
  • December 24 and 31: the center closes at 20 pm
  • From 11 to 17 April, close to the center for improvement works.


  • No children under 16 allowed.
  • For hygiene reasons, people with surface wounds or any member of the body bandages or plaster casts allowed.
  • Women are allowed to wear both with bikini and swimsuit as men can wear shorts or slip swimsuits.
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