Ski holidays in Val d'Allos


The French Alps have ski resorts for everyone. The ski slopes of Val d'Allos are ideal for families: in a peaceful setting and located in a traditional village, it has many possibilities for those travelling with children. The Val d'Allos ski resort is a neighbour of the Pra Loup ski resort, with which it forms part of the Espace Lumière ski area.

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How many km and slopes are there in the Val d'Allos ski area?

The Val d'Allos ski resort has two resorts: La Foux, designed for families and beginners, and Le Seignus, for experienced skiers. In total there are 65 slopes of different levels of difficulty. It is also part of the Espace Lumière ski area, next to Pra Loup, with 180 kilometres of skiable slopes interconnected by ski lifts.

Does Val d'Allos have snowparks and off-piste areas?

Yes, the Val d'Allos ski resort has the "South Park", a snowpark with a wide variety of modules, both for those who want to start freestyle skiing and for those looking for challenges, with kickers, boxes and rails, among others. Val d'Allos also has off-piste areas, such as the L'Escapade route, which starts at Col d'Allos and ends at the summit of Vescal.

How to sleep in Val d'Allos on a budget?

Our advice is to book a package including hotel + ski pass in Val d'Allos. Specialised agencies get cheaper prices than booking the night and the ski pass on your own. Check out our ski deals in Val d'Allos, you will be surprised of the prices of the packages to ski in such a dreamed destination as the French Alps.