Ski Holidays in Valdelinares

The Valdelinares ski resort is small, but it is guaranteed fun for a day or a weekend, both for beginners and for the more experienced skiers. The Valdelinares slopes are the closest ski slopes available to Valencia's skiers, just an hour and a half from the capital. Also, the surroundings are fantastic for completing your trip to the snow with routes, snowshoeing or visits to picturesque villages.

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When is the best time to ski in Valdelinares?

The Valdelinares ski slopes are usually open from the beginning of December to the beginning of April. The good altitude of the resort, added to the fact that 100% of the trails are reinforced with artificial snow production cannons, means that we can enjoy the snow in Valdelinares all ski season. In any case, we recommend going in January and February, when the natural snow conditions are excellent.

How many kilometres and slopes does the Valdelinares ski resort have?

Valdelinares has 17 skiable kilometres, with a total of 13 ski slopes: five green, four blue and four red. The surface area is not very large, but that makes it a very comfortable and manageable resort, ideal to go with the family and to learn to ski. There is also a snowpark, funnytruck, sledging area and snowy area.

How to sleep in Valdelinares on a budget?

There is no accommodation in the Valdelinares ski resort, but there is in the village that gives it its name: Valdelinares. You can also look at other charming towns in the surrounding area, such as Mora de Rubielos, Rubielos de Mora or Cantavieja. The best way to find good prices is by booking a hotel+forfait package: it will be cheaper than if you book the room and the pass to the slopes separately.