Hotel + Ski-pass + Ski-bus

If you are going to ski, let us drive you. Living or not in Barcelona we make your trip easier. Our bus departures are from Sants (Barcelona) around 7pm. Once we get to Andorra we drive you to your hotel and help you with the check in. Next day we pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the ski resort, so that you don't have to worry about anything. Want to join us?

Offers Ski-bus Barcelona-Andorra

How does the Ski-bus work Barcelona-Andorra?


Friday Ski-Bus
Departure from Barcelona
We wait for you at the bus stop of Sants
Stop in Ponts
Time to stretch the legs and have a snack
Arrival at Andorra
The guide will deliver you the keys of your room


Saturday Ski-Bus
Departure from the hotel
The guide will give you the ski-pass
Arrival at the ski resort
Welcome to the snow!
If you booked any material and/or class for beginners, the guide will go with you Return to the hotel
You can relax, go shopping, go out partying... you choose!


Sunday Ski-Bus
Departure from the hotel
You must leave your luggage at the trunk of the bus
Arrival at the ski resort
Welcome to the snow!
Return to Barcelona
Directly from the ski resort. With stop in Ponts.
Welcome home!
Thank you for skiing with us! See you soon!