Cheap Holidays to Faunia

Did you know that you can see a squirrel monkey, a sea bear or a seahorse in the middle of Madrid? You'll find this and much more at Faunia in Madrid. It is a complete park with several Faunia ecosystems where you will learn all kinds of curiosities about a great variety of Faunia animals. We encourage you to discover Faunia, a leisure space that combines conservation and education. We bring you the best packages including Faunia tickets plus hotel, offers to Faunia and which hotel is near Faunia in Madrid.

Travel information for Faunia

The zoo and its ecosystems

At Faunia we can travel around the world, through its fauna, without leaving Madrid. Thanks to its wide variety of animals, we can get to know more closely how some of them behave, some of them so exotic and unknown in the Iberian Peninsula, such as the lemur, the mazama, the garden eel or the pink bird-eating spider. Without a doubt, Faunia in Madrid is an ideal plan to enjoy with the family and with those animal lovers who want to discover new species and curiosities.

What are the ecosystems of Faunia? There are six large areas in Faunia: The Jungle, Temperate Forest, African Forest, Steller's Bay, The Poles and Silent Shadows. Don't miss any of them, as they all have amazing species.

In addition, there are other special themed areas among the Faunia ecosystems: Red Kangaroo, with specimens from English and German zoos; The Canyon of the Dinosaurs, with reproductions of these spectacular animals that lived millions of years ago; The Lake, with very beautiful and peculiar birds that fly free around Faunia Madrid; The Nest, a didactic space designed for the little ones; Dragon's Nursery, where you can learn about the spectacular Komodo dragons; Garden of Eden, with great beauty and charm; The Farm, with exotic domestic animals; The Island, small but with a great variety of animals; Pelican Lakes, which recreates a beautiful fishing port; Crocodile Mangrove, to learn about one of the oldest animals in the world; Mysteries Underground, to learn about the subsoil in Faunia; Red Panda, to get closer to this beautiful animal; Meerkat Territory, some very friendly animals; Wallaby Territory, with vegetarian kangaroos; Giant Tortoises; and Poison, a pavilion where you can get to know the most dangerous animals in the world up close, but in complete safety.

Interactions and experience

The Faunia animal park in Madrid is not a passive space, where you can simply move from one ecosystem to another. In addition to Faunia animals, we can participate in many activities in the enclosure. They have several education and sustainability programmes, take note of some of the Faunia activities that we can do to complete our visit:

  • Education. There are school visits; educational workshops for different audiences about Faunia penguins or other ecosystems; special education workshops with adapted visits; Faunia free experiences for teachers.
  • Sustainability. Faunia has projects to help the monk seal; the Jane Goodall conservation campaign to recycle mobile phones; collaboration with INIA, an organisation dedicated to agri-food and forestry research; support for the "Make A Wish" mission, an international foundation that works with children with life-threatening diseases; and works with the "Dream Night" foundation to carry out events and activities aimed at children with chronic and long-term illnesses.

In addition to these proposals at Faunia in Madrid, we also offer the possibility of celebrating birthdays and other events such as corporate activities, weddings, stag and hen parties, family reunions, christenings or communions. Can you imagine having a reunion at Faunia with dinosaurs? Or getting married while you go on a polar expedition in Faunia? Or your son making his communion among the Faunia dolphins? Or celebrating a special event in your life surrounded by the manatees of Faunia? Or your daughter celebrating her birthday with her friends and the sea lions of Faunia? Without a doubt, these will be original, special events and an experience that you will never forget thanks to all the Faunia interactions that the park offers you.

We also offer school camps for days without school, to sleep with penguins, Christmas or Easter camps... ideal to spend a few days with sea lions in Faunia, to learn more about the Faunia lions or the crocodiles of Faunia. And don't miss out on Faunia's interactions: solar expedition, getting up close to the fur seals, manatee experience, reptile school, fauniaventura... and much more.

Where can I sleep with a hotel + Faunia ticket package?

In Madrid you can travel around the five continents without leaving the city, thanks to the great variety of animals that you can find in all the ecosystems of Faunia. An ideal plan to enjoy with the family and where everyone, young and old, will learn about the fauna. Are you up for the adventure? Are you looking for accommodation for your getaway to Faunia? Our recommendation is to opt for a package that includes Faunia tickets plus hotel: it is the most comfortable and economical way to travel to the theme park.

With a Faunia plus hotel package you'll save time, because with just one booking you'll have already made the trip, and you'll only have to worry about finding the date and packing your bags. On the other hand, it is cheaper than buying the entrance ticket to the park and booking a hotel near Faunia on our own, as specialised agencies get interesting discounts when booking "big packages" of rooms and tickets. In addition, if you have any problems during your trip, you will only have one contact person to solve them.

Among our packages, we have many possibilities: hotels near Faunia for those who prefer to be a few metres away and then move around the city (there are metro stops and Renfe suburban train stations nearby). There is no hotel in Faunia, but we can book accommodation in a hotel near Faunia in Madrid; sleeping here also allows you to be in a quiet area of the city, in the district of Vicálvaro. Another option is to sleep in a hotel in the centre of Madrid, so that you can go sightseeing when you leave Faunia. Which do you prefer?

Hotels near Faunia

Are you looking for a hotel near Faunia Madrid so that you don't have to get up early or travel far? At the same time, you won't be far from the centre of Madrid, where you can easily get around by metro. These are our recommendations for hotels near Faunia.

  • Hotel Sercotel AB Rivas (three stars). A good option to stay with your Faunia tickets, as it is just 11 kilometres from the park. It is modern, the rooms have parquet floors and there is a restaurant on the premises. Guests have free access to the gym, sauna and Turkish bath, as well as luggage storage.
  • Holiday Inn Express Madrid Rivas (three stars). A modern Faunia hotel, 9 kilometres from its ecosystems. Rooms have complimentary kettle and coffee/tea, and continental breakfast is included to start the day with energy.
  • Novotel Madrid Center (four stars). A good option for your Faunia plus hotel package. In this case, the accommodation is located 7.5 kilometres from the park and very close to Madrid's famous Puerta de Alcalá and Retiro Park. One of the quietest areas of the city to stay, in the Salamanca neighbourhood. There is a restaurant with traditional dishes.
  • Ayre Gran Hotel Colón (four stars). In your search for Hotel Faunia, this is one of the closest hotels you will find to the animal park, as it is only 6 kilometres away. A beautiful and quality hotel, worthy of its category, with elegant paintings and buffet restaurant, bar and cafeteria.
  • Hotel Claridge (four stars). This is a hotel near Faunia, just 5 kilometres from the facilities. Very elegant, with large spaces and wood. It is a 10-minute walk from Retiro Park. A Faunia hotel to be, at the same time, close to the best of the city of Madrid.

The best value for money hotels close to Faunia

When we book a Faunia plus hotel package, we don't have to worry about the entrance fees to Faunia, but we will have several options to choose where to stay. However, we will have several options to choose where to stay. Are you looking for a hotel near Faunia Madrid with good value for money? Take note of these suggestions.

  • Eurostars Arenas de Pinto (4 stars). A modern minimalist hotel next to the A-4, outside the busy area of Madrid. Although it is outside the city, it is one of the hotels near Faunia where we can book in our Faunia plus hotel ticket packages (it is 15 minutes away by car).
  • Hoteles Las Artes (3 stars). A very charming, modern and comfortable hotel near Faunia. The rooms are soundproofed and have air conditioning, minibar and desk. On the premises there is a cafeteria, restaurant and private terrace to relax after an intense day of walking and discovering animals in the park.
  • Ibis Budget Madrid Getafe. A modest, modern hotel near Faunia, just a few kilometres from the park, but away from the big city. The rooms have wifi and air conditioning, and are spacious and bright with private bathrooms. A buffet breakfast is served.
  • Sercotel AB Rivas (3 stars). A good value for money Faunia hotel, well connected to the A-3 motorway and with elegant rooms, with parquet floors, and very bright. Guests have free access to the hotel's gym, sauna and Turkish bath. It is just 10 minutes' drive from Faunia Park.
  • Holiday Inn Express Madrid-Getafe (3 stars). Another of the hotels near Faunia without being within the city of Madrid. It is a good family destination, as children under 18 stay for free if they share a family room with an adult. For a good breakfast and to recharge your batteries, a free continental breakfast is included in the accommodation.
  • Sercotel Princesa De Eboli (4 stars). A modern Faunia hotel to stay in with great comfort and luxury, but good value for money. There are rooms with kitchen facilities for a supplement.

How to get there and where to park at Faunia

Do you want to experience a complete getaway that combines knowledge of animals, education and sustainability? Going to Faunia is a plan that will delight young and old alike. If you are wondering how to get to Faunia, we are going to give you the different options you have, by car and by public transport.

  • How to get to Faunia by public transport? We have the option of going by metro, the nearest stop being Valdebernardo (Line 9), or taking the Renfe suburban train to Vicálvaro station (Line C2). Another option of how to get to Faunia without taking the car is by bus: line 71 of the EMT of Madrid goes directly to the door of the park and departs from Plaza de Manuel Becerra.
  • How to get to Faunia by car? Take the A3 motorway towards Valencia, exit 6 at Valdebernardo; the M-40 motorway towards the North, exit 13; the M-40 motorway towards the South, exit 12; the M-23 motorway via the O'Donnell extension, taking the Vicálvaro exit. Once in the park, we have the option of leaving the car in the Faunia Parking. There is a car park in Faunia which is next to the entrance and has a flat rate of 5.50 euros for the whole day. Another option to avoid paying for the Faunia car park is to go to the free parking area in Ladera de los Almendros street, 1.7 kilometres away (about 20 minutes walk), in the historic area of Vicálvaro.

Now you know how to get to Faunia both by road and by public transport, you have no more excuses to go to the most complete animal park in Madrid.

Where to eat at Faunia

To see the Faunia Madrid park properly, we will need about five hours, time that can be extended because we will surely want to revisit the animals that have caught our attention. In that time, we will have to recharge our batteries, but don't worry because there are several restaurants in Faunia. If you want to eat in Faunia so as not to waste time leaving the park, you will find the following restaurants and eating points:

  • El Fraile. Express type, ideal for Faunia to eat there quickly, with snacks, appetizers, sandwiches, ice creams and slushies.
  • La Bellota. Ideal for those looking for quality sandwiches, with pure acorn-fed pork, Iberian shoulder and brie ham. The desserts are delicious: Danone frozen yoghurts with a choice of toppings.
  • Pepito Grillo. Another fast food restaurant in Faunia, for hamburgers, pizzas and hot dogs. With a terrace.
  • El Tucán. A kiosk to stop off during your visit to Faunia and have an ice cream, a coffee or a snack.
  • Mahoudrid. For sweet and savoury snacks, sandwiches and snacks, or a cold beer.
  • El Olivo Faunia Restaurant. The most complete in the park, self-service, with 20 dishes and a vegan option: there are salads, ribs, pastas, fish, etc.

Faunia Map

At the park's ticket offices you can ask for a Faunia map to help you find your way around the park and know at all times which ecosystem you are in. Another useful option during your visit is to download the Faunia map on your mobile phone, or the park's app, so that you can have it to hand.

On the Faunia map we can see that we will enter the park through the main shop and we will immediately find the habitat of the prairie dogs, guinea pigs and capuchin monkeys. On the Faunia map, as well as the animals in each area, you can see where the Faunia shops, services and restaurants are located.

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Which are the closest hotels to Faunia?

For those of you who focus your visit to Madrid on the Faunia tickets, you want accommodation close to the animal park. Our recommendations for hotels near Faunia are: Hotel Sercotel AB Rivas (3 stars, 11 km away), Holiday Inn Express Madrid Rivas (3 stars, 9 km away), Novotel Madrid Center (4 stars, 7.5 km away), Ayre Gran Hotel Colon (4 stars, 6km away) and Hotel Claridge (4 stars, 5km away). We recommend saving time and money by booking a package that includes Faunia plus hotel.

How can I cancel a Faunia booking?

We all have unforeseen events, so don't worry if you finally have to cancel or modify your Faunia tickets plus hotel package because you've encountered a problem. With us you can change the dates or cancel the booking up to 48 hours before the trip. You will be refunded for the Faunia tickets.

How much does a Hotel + Faunia ticket package cost?

Buying a pack that includes Faunia tickets and hotel is the best way to save time and money when booking: with just one click you'll have the park pass and accommodation, and with discounts that you wouldn't have if you booked separately and on your own. So take advantage of the Faunia offers with the Faunia tickets plus hotel packages. You'll avoid buying Faunia tickets on your own and get all the benefits of a Faunia plus hotel package.

What are the best value for money hotels near Faunia?

There is no accommodation inside the park, but there is a good range of hotels near Faunia Madrid. If you are looking for a good quality hotel at a good price, we recommend one of the following Faunia hotels, which are also close to the animal park: Eurostars Arenas de Pinto, Hoteles Las Artes, Ibis Budget Madrid Getafe, Sercotel AB Rivas, Holiday Inn Express Madrid-Getafe or Sercotel Princesa de Eboli.

How do I receive my tickets?

The whole process of booking your Faunia tickets is very easy. Once you buy your Faunia tickets online or by phone, you will receive them by email. It has never been so easy to buy Faunia tickets. When you go to the park, you will have to print the tickets or present them on your mobile phone to gain access. Keep them safe!

What animals will I find in Faunia?

In the Faunia park there are all kinds of animals, which are distributed throughout the Faunia ecosystems: some typical of the Faunia Jungle, Faunia penguins, Faunia manatees, Faunia dolphins, Faunia sea lions, Faunia crocodiles, Faunia lions... There are even Faunia dinosaurs! Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to learn and get to know the Faunia animals closely is through their interactions, exclusive experiences where you can, for example, surround yourself with penguins in their habitat.

What do I need to bring to Faunia?

A lot of desire and curiosity to meet the most colourful animals that inhabit our planet! We recommend that you wear appropriate clothing for the time of year when you visit Faunia, especially a hat and sun cream during the summer. You can bring food from home and eat it at the Faunia picnic area, but if you prefer not to prepare anything, there are several restaurants and kiosks where you can buy food and drinks.

What is the best day to visit Faunia?

If possible, we recommend visiting Faunia in spring or early summer. Not only is it less hot than in summer and the weather is more pleasant than in autumn and winter, but the animals are also more attractive at this time of year (there are more butterflies, for example). Faunia Madrid's opening hours change depending on the time of year: the longest opening hours are on weekends in July and August, from 11am to 9pm; the rest of the summer is from 11am to 8pm.

Are there shows at Faunia?

The Faunia shows are, in fact, educational activities and interactions that allow us to get physically close to the animals in the park. An unforgettable experience that will especially surprise children. We have the chance to take part in a Faunia show with seals or shows with Faunia sea lions, where we can touch them and learn about their habits, communication and care.