Ski week Offers in Baqueira Beret

Do you have a few days off? We bring you the best ski weeks in Baqueira Beret so you can make the most of your holidays at the best price. Disconnect in Baqueira Beret with the best ski offers. Use our search engine to find the best hotels in Baqueira Beret.

5, 6 or 7 nights in Baqueira Beret, you choose

It doesn't matter how many days you have on vacation or if you want to choose diferent activities. In Estiber you will find packages to spend a week in Baqueira Beret, either long or short bank holidays, that suits what you are looking for. 5 nights and 4 days ski pass: For many, 4 days of skiing are more than enough. Especially if it is the first trip of the season. 6 nights and 5 days of skiing: For those who feel 'trained' or those who think " I'm giving it all", the option of skiing from Monday to Friday without stopping is a claim for them. 7 nights with 6 days of ski pass: reserved for true snow lovers, for those who only think of skiing, skiing and ... skiing. We have the hotel you need in Baqueira Beret, at the foot of the slopes, so you don't miss a minute of the beautiful snow weather;) Attention: Remember that you can move ski days, they don't have to be consecutive, also consider there are different types of regime and pension. Oh, and a lot of extra options such as spas (link spas), adventure activities (link Adventure) and much more to make your trip very complete.

Skiing during the week in Baqueira Beret, a luxury

The Ski Week package at Baqueira Beret has a great advantage over other offers: You can enjoy Baqueira Beretduring the week; no queues, no crowds and miles of fresh snow. Sounds good, right?

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