Weekend Ski Offers Encamp

The best weekend ski offers in Encamp are just a click away. Whether you are one of those who leave Friday or early Saturday, these are the best hotel packages with ski pass included, so you only have to worry about enjoying your weekend. Do you want to go skiing this weekend to Grandvalira? Book now!

A weekend in Encamp

Weekend ski trips are one of the most popular ways to visit Encamp. There are many skiers who, week after week, enjoy a couple of days skiing in Encamp.


Main options

Option 1: 2 hotel nights + 2 ski passes This is the most popular option for weekend skiers. Going out early on Friday and sleeping at Encamp allows you to enjoy the first snow in the morning and make the most of every minute. Option 3: 1 hotel night + 2 ski passes The second most popular among those who go skiing to Encamp on weekends, especially those who live closer. If you leave late from work or do not want to drive at night, this will be your ideal option. Option 3: 1 night + 1 ski pass or the 'up-down' Although it cannot be called 'ski weekend', is the only option for those who have other commitments or have little time. For them, we also have offers for only ski pass + material rental.


Other dates that may interest you

Skiing on weekends is a very good option. But if you have free days or you have the chance to plan a trip during a week or bank holidays, there are other special dates in Encamp that might be of your interest in Encamp:

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