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Apartamento Novell


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Apartamento Novell
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Apartamento Novell

Information and services from Apartamento Novell

Check in: From 15:00h

Check out: To 11:00h

Free Wi-Fi

Covered fee-paying parking

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Apartamento Novell
Apartamento Novell
Apartamento Novell

* Services are subject to change without notice. We invite you to contact us for further information.


Catalan, Spanish, English, French
Free ski lockers
Smoking is prohibited in the establishment


Shower or Bath
Kit de sábanas
Coffee maker
Hair dryer

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Frequently asked questions for Apartamento Novell

Is there wifi at the Apartamento Novell hotel?

There is Free Wi-Fi .

Can I park near the Apartamento Novell hotel?

Has a Covered fee-paying parking .

Where is it and how to get to the Apartamento Novell hotel?

We are located at 17 KM from Caldea, 17.2 KM from Andorra Shopping area, 7 KM from Ice Skating Canillo, 32.9 KM from Naturlandia.

What is the distance between the Apartamento Novell hotel and the ski slopes?

The Apartamento Novell hotel is located at a distance of Apartamento Novell from the ski slopes of 600 M from Cable-Car El Tarter (Grandvalira), 2.6 KM from Cable-Car El Tarter (Grandvalira).

What are the rooms like at Apartamento Novell?

Rooms at the Apartamento Novell hotel have the following services Television, Shower or Bath, WC, Towels, Kit de sábanas, Blankets, Coffee maker, dishwasher, Phone, Hair dryer, Kitchen, Oven.

What are the check-in and check-out times for Apartamento Novell hotel?

The check-in time at the Apartamento Novell hotel is From 15:00h and the check-out time is To 11:00h.

Are pets allowed at Apartamento Novell?

No, Apartamento Novell does not allow animals in the premises

What is the cost per night at Apartamento Novell?

You can get really affordable deals by checking out the Estiber offers at Apartamento Novell. You can check all the prices here here